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Jenna, Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Specialist

Jenna was lucky enough to grow up in a family who emphasized the importance of traveling and seeing the world from a very young age. Her family's adventures took her across continents, each place leaving its own, unique impact.

During her studies at The Ohio State University, Jenna spent her summer and holiday breaks abroad, absorbing all that she could of the diverse cultures she immersed herself in. After graduating from school, wide-eyed and with just a backpack, she took off for Peru for the first time. She immediately fell in love with the culture, history, communities and geographical diversity that Peru offered. She stayed in Peru, working as a volunteer, managing to escape on weekends to indulge her wanderlust and see the brilliance that is Latin America.

Jenna believes that it only takes one experience to fall in love with seeing the world, and at Audley, she strives to create such experiences.

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I'll never forget when…

One night while staying in the Amazon, I heard a very low, guttural purr and looked up to see a large cat-like figure wandering around the trees.  Not believing my own eyes, I told myself to go back to sleep.  But I heard and felt that low vibration of the purr again and realized that I was not in fact dreaming. When I asked my guide about it, he said that even the researchers, who'd been there for 20 years, had only seen a jaguar three times in their lives, and that I probably saw something else.

However, later that day, a researcher came up to me with pictures he had captured from the night before of a female jaguar wandering around the trees, confirming that I had in fact seen a jaguar. Such a rare encounter.

Photos of Jenna

Jenna on Lake Titicaca, Peru Jenna on Lake Titicaca, Peru
Jenna hiking in the Sacred Valley, Peru Jenna hiking in the Sacred Valley, Peru
Jenna in Chinchero, Peru Jenna in Chinchero, Peru
Jenna in the Galapagos Islands Jenna in the Galapagos Islands

Photos taken by Jenna

Alpaca Walk, Sacred Valley of Incas Alpaca Walk, Sacred Valley of Incas