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Lillie, Latin America Specialist

Lillie's passion for travel started young when traveling with her family over the years around the US and to many beach destinations, frequenting a favorite island off of Honduras. After moving to New Orleans to attend school at Loyola University, Lillie took off for a semester abroad in Florence where she spent most weekends traveling around Europe. While abroad, her interest for travel peaked after enrolling in travel and tourism classes where she realized she could make a career out of something she loved. After graduating from school, Lillie returned back home to Boston and started as an intern at Audley. Since transitioning to a Country Specialist, Lillie has been thrilled by the opportunity to travel to two new countries and expand her travel knowledge in the countries of Costa Rica and Ecuador. Lillie loves to spend time by the ocean whether it be beachside or on her boat in the summer so needless to say she fell in love with these two countries immediately and is excited to help others do the same.

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I'll never forget when…

While I sat in the pool at El Remanso, I looked up and saw two hawks land in the treetops above. All of a sudden there were three, four, and then almost ten just circling in the sky directly overhead.  I started to wonder if maybe something was going on that I wasn’t aware of so slowly, I made my way out of the pool with caution.  I then went over to one of the resident guides on the property and he told me all the commotion was caused by the remains of a coati that a large boa constrictor had left behind earlier that day.  He pointed out that these hawks were some of the rarest and in all his time he had never seen this before!

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Costa Rica Costa Rica
Fields in Ecuador Fields in Ecuador
Hanging bridges in Costa Rica Hanging bridges in Costa Rica
Enjoying the Galapagos Islands Enjoying the Galapagos Islands
Osa Peninsula Osa Peninsula