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$8,785 Per person
15 days
Includes transfers
Includes activities
Includes hotels

This wonderful journey takes you to some of the most remote reaches of the Arctic. Wildlife opportunities are abundant and the cultural element is something you do not get on many other Arctic trips.

Itinerary highlights

  • Visit the spectacular Scoresby Sund, rich in Arctic wildlife from musk oxen to little auks.

  • Possible northern lights sightings when you travel towards the end of the year.

  • Whales, including the possibility of narwhals.

  • Visit ancient Inuit sites.

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  • Longyearbyen
  • Reykjavik

Itinerary idea in detail

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Day 1 Longyearbyen


Arrive in Longyearbyen and make your way to your hotel.

Day 2 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

After a morning to explore Longyearbyen and the excellent museum you will board the ship and set sail along the fjord.

Day 3 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Spend a day exploring the coast of Spitsbergen.

Day 4 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

A day at sea.

Day 5 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

A day at sea.

Day 6 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Reach the coast of Greenland and make your first landing.

Day 7 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Landings in Greenland will vary from cultural visits to sites of historical and geological significance.

Day 8 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Each day will be different with wildlife sightings always a possibility. In Antarcticahavn, a wide valley, it's possible to see musk oxen.

Day 9 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Today you may sail down Scoresby Sund, the world's longest fjord, passing the serrated glaciers of the Volquart Boons coastline. If weather conditions allow, you may go out in the Zodiacs to cruise alongside some of the glacier snouts. In the afternoon, you may explore an excellently preserved former Inuit settlement, before heading back into iceberg-choked fjords.

Day 10 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Today may see you sailing past Cape Hofmann Halvø. Its shores are full of Arctic vegetation such as dwarf willow, dwarf birch and Arctic blueberry bushes. Keep an eye out for musk oxen. Birdlife includes ptarmigans and great northern divers.

Day 11 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Scoresby Land's northwest fjord is one of the shallowest points in the entire fjord, in places only 400 m (1,312 ft) deep. Today, while exploring this area, you might see huge 100 m (328 ft) high icebergs, some of which are grounded on the bottom of the fjord. Later on, in Sydkap, you might visit the remains of dwellings made using whale vertebrae, and thought to belong to Greenland's Thule culture (from whom modern Inuits are descended).

Day 12 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Today, you may go ashore at Ittoqqortoormit, a settlement of 500 people in the Scoresby Sund. You may visit one of the world's most remote post offices and in the streets, you'll see vignettes of daily life: dog sleds and the drying skins of seals and musk oxen.

Day 13 Polar Cruise

Longyearbyen , Polar Cruise

Sailing across the open sea to northern Iceland.

Day 14 Reykjavik

Longyearbyen , Reykjavik

Landing in northern Iceland and transfer to Reykjavik.

Day 15 Return home


Make your way to the airport for your onward flight.

Audley Travel specialist Harry

Get in touch with our specialist and we'll plan your perfect vacation

The specialist who designs your trip to the Arctic will have explored the country many times and, in some cases, lived there. Their first-hand knowledge gives us the belief that no other travel company can match our expertise in helping you plan your trip.

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