Reasons to Visit Guatemala

  • Indigenous Culture

    Guatemala is all about its people, especially in the highland regions. Their tightly knit Mayan communities, centuries old in tradition with their colourful cultures and costumes, are fascinating for the visitor and getting an insight into the lives of these wonderful, friendly people is one of the main reasons to visit this incredible country.

    Indigenous Culture
  • Semana Santa

    Easter week is a colourful and fascinating time to be in Antigua. Thousands of visitors come each year to watch the processions and religious festivities. Lavishly decorated floats are carried through the streets followed by musicians and the residents create elaborate carpets of flowers along the route for the processions to walk over.

    Semana Santa
  • Jungle wildlife

    A quarter of Guatemala is covered by forest and the wildlife, especially in the El Peten region, is prolific. Barking howler monkeys, swinging spider monkeys, screeching parrots and nosy coatis are just some of the wonderful species you will experience here.

    Jungle wildlife
  • Markets

    Most days of the week you’ll find a market open somewhere in the highlands of Guatemala. They are the main economic focus for scattered mountain communities and locals flock in their hoards in search of a bargain. Everything is sold here, from food to souvenirs to clothing and livestock - you name it, you can guarantee you’ll find it in a market!

  • Mayan ruins

    Spend a day at the Mayan ruins at Tikal. Surrounded by rainforest, not only is it a haven for wildlife including spider monkeys, howler monkeys and many tropical birds, but there are remains of royal palaces and temples that can be climbed for magnificent views.

    Mayan ruins
  • Views and volcanoes

    Clear, still lakes, steaming volcanoes, lush rainforests and spectacular highland views all make up the stunning and diverse scenery you can experience in Guatemala. It is an absolute joy to travel around the country.

    Views and volcanoes

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Popular Places in Guatemala

Popular Places in Guatemala

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{7DD35D94-A208-400B-9ED8-5BA632EB33D4} Antigua

A colonial gem and the original capital of Guatemala.

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{1F620559-4C04-4968-80B7-C7A8A4C7E6E7} Lake Atitlan

One of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

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{22D87BD0-9E74-4F29-9E03-551DE44E6C03} Tikal & El Petén

Lush lowland jungle that conceals countless Mayan ruins.

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{E8828041-4CB9-401A-AE2C-7ECC71565251} Western Highlands

Mountainous landscape separated by small market towns and villages.

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