Reasons to Visit Iran

  • Ancient History & Ruins

    scattered throughout the country are the ancient glories of the Persian empire, from the awe-inspiring site of Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam to the austere Tomb of Cyrus.

    Ancient History & Ruins
  • Architecture

    Iran is home to a dazzling array of ancient and modern architecture from palaces and qajar houses to thousand year old world heritage listed sites.

  • Bazaars

    Carpets are synonymous with Iran and browsing through the dusty and vibrant local markets to pick up a bargain is a great insight into Iranian culture.

  • Carpets

    Iran's most famous export, carpet weaving forms an essential part of Persian art and culture and you'll find plenty of examples in Tehran's carpet museum.

  • Islamic Art

    Famous for its geometrical shapes and complex floral patterns Iran is home to some of the world's best examples of Islamic art.

    Islamic Art
  • Islamic Republic

    Although the strict customs and rules of the Iranian Muslim faith can seem daunting at first, a deeper look into the culture will reveal a more contemplative and considerate attitude.

    Islamic Republic
  • Local people

    Extremely friendly, Iranians are very aware of their perceived image in the west and are keen to re-dress the balance. Iranians are rightly famous for their warm hospitality.

    Local people
  • Silk Route Cities

    Yazd, Hamadan and Tehran are all synonymous with the Silk Route and still inspire the same excitement and allure as they have done to Silk Road travellers for hundred of years.

    Silk Route Cities

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