Reasons to Visit China

  • Architecture

    With some of the most recognisable buildings and monuments in the world, from the ancient Forbidden City to the ultra-modern skyscrapers of Shanghai and Pudong, a trip to China is must for anyone interested in city and rural architecture.

  • City life

    China is awash with enormous cities, arguably the three most famous being Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. All three cities are excellent places to watch the world bustle along around you, whilst of course being some of the top cities to shop and dine.

    City life
  • Communist history

    The portrait of Chairman Mao that stands proud on the front of the Forbidden City is just one of the countless examples of the influence that the Communists have had on this country.

    Communist history
  • Local cuisine

    Surely one of the top worldwide cuisines, each region of China is famous for different delicacies. Sichuan hot pot, Hong Kong dim sum, and of course Peking duck, all dishes to get the taste buds going.

    Local cuisine
  • Minority groups

    In some of the more rural parts of the country ethnic minority groups can be found in large numbers. Many of the same tribes that are found in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand have also settled in Yunnan province and also in Guizhou and Guangxi. Many still wear there traditional dress and so a visit to these regions is often a colourful one!

    Minority groups
  • Views & scenery

    The different regions of China boast a myriad of different fascinating and beautiful landscapes, the limestone karst mountains in the Guilin area and the high plains crossing over into Tibet to name a couple.

    Views & scenery

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Accommodation in China: Linden Centre

Set in the fields of rural Yunnan, the Linden Centre offers a unique hotel experience. The staff lay on activities such as cookery and calligraphy classes, and other experiences of Chinese culture.

Our Rating: Medium

Linden Centre


Located in the small village of Xizhou, around a fifteen minute drive from Dali, The Linden Centre offers the chance to get a taste of village life in China whilst being within easy reach of the sights of Dali and the surrounding area.

Set over four 150 year old Bai-minority courtyards are fourteen cosy renovated rooms offering Western standards of comfort. The centre also has a programme of activities (subject to availability) such as Chinese calligraphy, local cooking, and Chinese arts.

Alternatively simply step out and wonder round the traditional village of Xizhou to see a colourful side of China away from the main tourist magnets.

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