Reasons to Visit Brazil

  • African Culture

    Discovering that the indigenous peoples did not take well to forced labour, the colonial Portuguese shipped thousands of Africans to Brazil to work. Upon their emancipation at the end of the 19th Century, Afro Brazilians became integrated into society, resulting in the beautifully diverse people we see today.

    African Culture
  • Architecture

    From the beautiful towns of Ouro Preto and Tiradentes in Minas Gerais state, Natal and Salvador in the northeast to the cobbled backstreets of Santa Teresa in Rio, there are numerous fine examples of colonial architecture in Brazil. For a different type of architecture the retro designs of Brasilia dating back from the 1950's divides opinion!

  • Beaches

    With almost 3,000 km of coastline, it isn’t surprising that Brazil has some of the best beaches in Latin America. There’s a beach for every taste, miles of deserted sand and palm trees, havens for surfers, beaches to spot whales and beaches to watch the locals parade themselves in the latest swimwear trends.

  • Carnival

    One of the world’s most famous celebrations, Brazil’s annual carnival takes place across the country preparing for the start of Lent. Most well-known for the celebrations in Rio, thousands of sequin and feather-clad dancers samba their way through the parade ground.

  • Football

    Football is in the veins of Brazil and seen at every turn. Brazil has given us such footballing greats as Pelé, Ronaldo and Kaka and the love and passion shown by the children passing balls in the street leave little doubt that more stars will follow.

  • The Amazon

    The Amazon rainforest is a haven for wildlife and a must for both nature lovers and those who are simply curious. It covers a vast area of Brazil and can be explored from a number of simple lodges or boats, most of which are easily accessible from the tropical city of Manaus.

    The Amazon
  • Wildlife

    For wildlife viewing, there are few better places in the world than the Pantanal between April and September. The animals and birds found here are similar to those found in the nearby Amazon, but they are much easier to spot in the Pantanal. Animals seen here include capybara, caiman, anteater, armadillo, otter, marmoset and even jaguar and puma.


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South America

South America

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Visit Tiradentes, Brazil

Founded in 1702 and years later named after the leader of the Inconfidencia Mineira, Tiradentes today is a sleepy place, full of cobbled streets and magnificent colonial architecture.

Classic cars, Tiradentes, Brazil
Tiradentes, Brazil



Tiradentes was founded in 1702 as Sao Jose del Rei, but after Brazil became a republic in 1889 the town was renamed in honour of the leader of the Inconfidencia Mineira, a plot by 12 citizens of Ouro Preto to gain Brazilian independence in 1789.

Tiradentes and his men were betrayed and he was executed pretty much before they even started. The town today is a sleepy place, full of cobbled streets and magnificent colonial architecture.

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