Reasons to Visit Indonesia

  • Volcanos

    Heading up Krakatau is like trekking over Mars and as the guides tell you once you get half way: "No further or our boots melt". The basic nature of camping out on the island is outshone by the fact you will probably be the only people staying overnight and will be sleeping just metres from the ocean in the shadow of a volcano. A beautiful coral reef around one side of the island offers excellent snorkelling and the views over to the peak of the smoking Anak Krakatau are superb.

  • Beaches

    The most obvious choice for a beach destination in Indonesia would be the island of Bali. Places like Seminyak, Sanur and Jimbiran are idyllic retreats.

  • History & culture

    Indonesia is scattered with many temples and ancient monuments. Perhaps the most famous is the vast pyramidal structure of Borobudur, considered to be one of Southeast Asia’s greatest religious relics. Hundreds of Buddha images stare impassively out over the plains and the detailed galleries and terraces that lead up to its central stupa tell tales of ancient gods and battles.

    History & culture
  • Weather

    There is never really a 'bad' time to go to Indonesia and the weather is good during the British summer months unlike many other Southeast Asian destinations. Even during the wet season, the rain won't dampen the enjoyment of your holiday as it falls in short downpours and it means that the scenery around you will be lush and colourful.

  • Wildlife

    Indonesia is home to some incredible wildlife and the national parks in Kalimantan and Sumatra are some of the best places to see it. Trek through jungles, rivers and waterfalls on foot or by elephant to discover the wonders of nature from the orang-utan to the world's largest flower.


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Accommodation in Indonesia: Klotok River Boat

Staying beneath the stars in the middle of the jungle has got to be one of the most magical ways to experience Tanjung Puting.

Our Rating: Basic

Klotok River Boat

Tanjung Puting National Park

Staying beneath the stars in the middle of the jungle has got to be one of the most magical ways to experience Tanjung Puting. After travelling by boat through the day, at night it turns into your hotel! You can moor up well away from any of the riverside settlements, allowing you to enjoy your jungle adventure.

Go to sleep with the smells and sounds of the jungle all around you and wake to the sound of crocodiles splashing below you and the birds calling above. Mattresses and bedding will be provided on the deck of the boat which has wooden roof stretching about 12 feet. The ends and sides are open to the elements but can be closed in the event if rain, and you will have a mosquito net tightly wrapped around the whole area. There is a western style toilet at one end of the boat, and a simple cold water shower can be rigged up on request, although no towel is provided. At Camp Leakey you can use the shower facilities which are marginally better.

This is a truly a once in a lifetime experience but please be aware you will be staying in very simple surroundings with no modern creature comforts and will be exposed to all manner of jungle wildlife!

All meals and soft drinks are provided for your time on board but if you would like some beer for sundowners this must be purchased at your own cost before reaching Pangkalan Bun as this is a dry area. Please speak to your specialist.

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