Reasons to Visit Vietnam

  • Cultural excursions

    There is so much more to do in Vietnam than just the odd city tour and museum. Kite making in Hue, a fisherman eco-tour in Hoi An, an educational talk in Hanoi, cycling through the rice terraces of Sapa - there are many wonderful ways to see the country, experience its culture and meet its people.

    Cultural excursions
  • History

    Famous for the Vietnam War, you can of course visit the War Remnants Museum and the Cu Chi tunnels in Saigon. However, the country's history has many other facets to be explored such as the old merchant town of Hoi An or the imperial city of Hue. The imprints of the former foreign rules of the Chinese and French are present wherever you go from iconic buildings to everyday life; past and present existing in harmony.

  • Value for money

    Vietnam offers great value for money from every angle. From hotels to transport to food, your US dollars or Vietnamese Dong will go far!

    Value for money
  • Local cuisine

    Vietnamese food is renowned for its freshness, bold flavours and presentation. It is an integral part of the local culture and each region has its own unique and wonderful dishes. This part of Southeast Asia is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to eat. And if you want to learn the art of Vietnamese cooking yourself, there are also a number of fantastic cooking courses for you to enjoy.

    Local cuisine
  • People

    The people of Vietnam are among the friendliest you will ever meet. They are also extremely resilient having survived foreign invasions by the Chinese and French, as well as famine and war with their cultural identity remaining intact. You only have to witness the National Flag Raising ceremony in Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi to witness a nation united not simply by patriotism, but by a very strong sense of community and respect.

  • Scenery

    From the UNESCO site of Halong Bay with its thousands of limestone outcrops to the Tonkinese Alps and lush green rice terraces of Sapa, Vietnam offers an abundance of stunning scenery and landscapes. Besides natural assets, there are plenty of other man-made photo opportunities such as the colourful floating markets of the Mekong Delta and the bustling streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi.


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{1D5C6E92-070A-480A-B647-2A77A20FB0AF} Central Highlands

Renowned for its cool climate and mist-laden mountain scenery

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{F039912F-CD13-487E-A10A-89AA47FBDB41} Dalat

Vietnam’s premier hill station with rolling hills and tranquil lakes

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{96F92651-056C-44E6-A950-0FF22FEC98A9} Halong Bay

One of Asia’s finest and most unique landscapes

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{F5158B35-8FFB-4D89-A329-7818A3443F20} Hanoi

Visit temples, pagodas, mausoleums and museums

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{672E5E37-DC88-4013-87AB-54E97ADAE425} Hoi An

Explore on foot old houses, craft shops and art galleries

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{D0BD6F90-D1A4-49F9-9430-4C64E9755EAD} Hue

The best place to experience the country’s imperial past

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{AD8DA5C4-807C-4511-84F8-9E947971A732} Nha Trang

Experience pristine waters and long sandy beaches

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{740369E1-BFD0-4B7D-BC7E-28C212C54CE8} Phu Quoc

For those wishing to get off the beaten track

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{D37470C3-676B-41FD-BE4A-0DC1F9AA77A9} Saigon

Explore the history of the original "Pearl of the Orient"

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