Located in the tropical zone of the southern hemisphere, French Polynesia enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year, gently influenced by the Austral seasons.

The winter season runs from May to October, with early morning temperatures in the high 20sºC, daytime highs in the mid 30sºC and relatively low humidity. This is the ideal time to visit the islands. The summer season, from November through to April, is slightly warmer but often very rainy.

Both seasons are subject to trade winds which provide a pleasant morning breeze, but are often followed by showers. The islands rarely suffer from tropical storms except during years when El Niño affects ocean currents.

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* This is a rough guide to when to travel in the country as a whole. It may not necessarily apply to a specific itinerary or part of the country.

  • The best time to travel
  • A good time to travel, some factors to be aware of
  • Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year
  • Snow or ski season
  • Travel is not recommended
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Marquesas Islands

  • 110mm 30C
  • 104mm 30C
  • 145mm 30C
  • 146mm 30C
  • 122mm 29C
  • 178mm 29C
  • 137mm 28C
  • 116mm 28C
  • 74mm 29C
  • 82mm 30C
  • 77mm 30C
  • 88mm 31C


  • 364mm 26C
  • 282mm 26C
  • 245mm 26C
  • 202mm 26C
  • 154mm 25C
  • 108mm 24C
  • 109mm 23C
  • 94mm 23C
  • 96mm 24C
  • 140mm 25C
  • 218mm 25C
  • 361mm 26C

Tuamotu Islands

  • 218mm 30C
  • 174mm 30C
  • 133mm 30C
  • 125mm 30C
  • 86mm 30C
  • 93mm 29C
  • 72mm 28C
  • 65mm 28C
  • 81mm 28C
  • 123mm 29C
  • 187mm 30C
  • 208mm 30C

How does the weather in French Polynesia change through the year?

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