Eco-friendly Holidays in Southeast Asia

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Explore Audley's guide to eco-friendly vacations in Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia. View the charities we support, recommended eco-accommodation options, plus selected eco-friendly itineraries.

Ambua spirit doctors, Sepik River.

Ambua spirit doctors, Sepik River.

There are many responsible travel options within Southeast Asia, such as accommodation choices which often include home-stays or eco-lodges.

There is a good awareness of responsible practices throughout the region and many social or community projects have been set up, where you can either get involved or help by purchasing local handicrafts and food.

Paya Ngoto school in Burma


Charities Audley support to help wildlife, human rights issues and education, through to the environment and conservation.

Eco Accommodation

Properties which protect the environment or offer social and economic benefits to the local communities.

Eco Itineraries

Itineraries which minimise the environmental impact of your trip and improve the local social and economic infrastructures.


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