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Audley's New Mill offices in Witney

Start your career in travel here

At Audley, we are always looking for talented individuals with fresh ideas who share our passion for excellence. Does this sound like you?

Whether you have just left school, graduated, or looking for your next challenge, our Building Careers initiatives are designed to give you the foundations to develop and build your career.

Joining Audley, you’ll grow your skills and gain valuable experience to be successful. Working alongside friendly team members, you will learn first hand from experts in their fields. Audley will provide you with a supportive, welcoming, and fun environment, to enable you to thrive within our successful, industry leading business.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from Floris, who was one of our internship students at Audley:

What's the job role that you were asked to do?

Responsible Travel and Sustainability Assistant at Audley. 

Describe the culture at Audley in three words? 

Sociable, friendly, and supportive. 

What did you enjoy the most about your time at Audley? 

Working with different teams and interacting with people across the business. The project-based nature of my role gave me plenty of variation. It’s exposed me to different team environments and management styles, giving me the opportunity to connect and learn from people in different roles across the business. 

What was your biggest sense of achievement at Audley?

Getting Audley Travel B CorpTM Certified — meaning that Audley is acknowledged as leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

One of my main objectives coming into the role was to achieve this prestigious certification, to demonstrate to our clients and employees that we’re a force for good, exhibiting high social and environmental performance.

It was challenging to understand and meet all the requirements, which included working with different departments across the business to get the information and answers we needed. To succeed and see the ‘B Lab’ logo attributed to Audley Travel gave me a sense of pride and a feeling that I’ve made a real positive impact during my internship experience. 

How would you describe the working and office environment? 

The office is a really positive place to be. Everyone is supportive and friendly with one another.  

Why should someone do their internship at Audley?

I’d highly recommend doing an internship at Audley because it offers a great introduction to the workplace. The work is interesting, the people are friendly, and supportive. I have been able to develop key skills such as teamwork and communication which you can only develop in the workplace. I’ve had a really positive experience and would recommend it to all as there is something amazing about travel and creating lifelong experiences for our clients.