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Audley employees at the annual Audley AGM

Career Pathways

Whether you are looking to start your career in travel as your first job, or you are thinking of moving industries and pivot your career into travel, you may find it helpful to read about Audley’s Career Pathways before you take your next step.

Here at Audley, we have outlined several ‘Career Pathways’ to help you visualise what your future career could look like with us.

Audley’s ‘Career Pathways’ provides a framework which will give you an overview of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required for each role and the steps you will need to take along the relevant pathway. This also provides the structure for your employee development, giving you clarity on all the areas that you would need to develop to progress onto your next role. 

Although there are many Career Pathways that people can choose to take at Audley, we have highlighted seven below, which include ones that could be a perfect first step when looking to join us and then develop your career over time:

  • • Product: Product Administrator > Senior Product Executive
  • • Technology: Technology Support Analyst > Other more specialist roles within Technology
  • • Ticketing: Ticketing Administrator > Senior Ticketer
  • • Sales Operations: Office Administrator > Sales Operations Specialist
  • • Sales and Service: Sales Operations Specialist > Global Travel Advisor
  • • Sales and Service: Global Travel Advisor > Country Specialist
  • • Sales and Service: Country Specialists > Senior > Elite > Turbo Elite Country Specialist


If we have inspired you, please see our current vacancies, where you can find more details about them all and how to apply.