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Audley Boston office, USA

Why choose Audley for your placement year?

Do you dream of a career in the travel industry? Is travel your passion? Are you an undergraduate looking for a placement year? If the answer is yes, then Audley could be for you.

Audley is offering an opportunity for you to gain first-hand work experience within our industry leading travel company. You will gain valuable insight into how a travel company works and the industry we operate in. Your work placement will help you understand how our teams interact and create Audley’s award winning, bespoke tailor-made trips. You will learn about the different skills needed for a successful career, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management.

And the best part? You get to work alongside a team of people who share your enthusiasm and pride in what they do. At Audley, one of our core values is #BePassionate, we’ve won multiple awards for our commitment to our trips and customer service and are known as a great place to work. If you’re looking to gain work experience in a company that has a positive work culture and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Audley might just be the next stop on your journey.

Work placements for 2024

Are you an undergraduate looking for a work placement year to help complete your degree gaining real life work experience? We will be offering 12-month Work Placement positions starting in the summer 2024. These placement positions will be advertised in December 2023 on our ‘current Vacancies’ section found here. This is where you can find out more about our work placement positions along with details on how to apply.

Continue reading to hear more from Katie who is currently on a Work Placement in our Product team:

What’s your job role? 

US product administrator.

Describe the culture at Audley in three words?

Passionate, positive, supportive.

What have you enjoyed the most about your time at Audley?

As a lover of travel, I've loved learning about how this industry operates and the hard work, attention to detail, and passion that's involved. Additionally, I've found it extremely fulfilling to be able to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the world, not only through my work but also through meeting people who share my passion for travel and who have been kind enough to share their incredible experiences and stories with me.

What’s given you the biggest sense of achievement at Audley?

In my short time at Audley, I've felt a sense of achievement in working on an important project involving the organisation of USA product, thus facilitating the work of both the USA product and sales teams in handling the country's vast number of services and suppliers. Helping the USA product team hit their June and July goals was extremely rewarding and I hope to continue to make a difference.

How would you describe the working and office environment?

I would describe Audley's working and office environment as vibrant, exciting, and encouraging. This is especially true on days where the office is busy and buzzing with energy and where client calls are occurring around the office, not only from experienced specialists but also from newer team members who are constantly being celebrated and encouraged by their teammates.

Why should someone do their work placement at Audley Travel? 

Audley Travel provides a plethora of learning opportunities that I believe few other placements could offer.  Whether it’s dealing with suppliers and understanding how the business operates or learning about sales and client liaison or becoming more well-versed in how different regions and cultures vastly differ — there is something for everyone.

In the short time since I started at Audley, I feel as though I've enhanced my knowledge in all of these areas because, although I focus my time on USA product, through working with sales, talking to my colleagues, and listening to calls for different regions, I've not only learnt a great deal, but it's encouraged me to go out and seek more knowledge in my own time.

In summary, Audley Travel is a vibrant and positive work environment that I would encourage those who are eager to learn and push themselves to join!