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Embrace Australia’s joie de vivre

This winter, think about travelling to Australia. Scenic splendour, wildlife, a great food and wine scene... Australia has all this, but what it also has is its own distinctive way of life, or philausophy. Speak to any of our experienced Australia specialists (all of whom have lived or travelled extensively in Australia), and they’ll tell you that Australians’ legendary ‘no worries’ attitude is no myth. Nor is their boundless optimism, their love of nature and their winsome hospitality.

Even in a big, pulsating city like Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll still see how Australians seem to have cannily perfected the work-life balance (or life-life balance, as they might prefer to think of it). Australians also have an adventurous streak and an urge to get off the beaten track ― something you can easily do, given that the Outback makes up 70% of Australia’s landmass.

Our ideas for exploring Australia

Our specialists have selected four great itineraries aimed at helping you experience Australia’s philausophy first-hand ― whether you’re heading into the wilds or sampling Bondi’s beach culture. But, think of these itineraries as merely a starting point: our Australia specialists will meticulously craft a trip that lets you explore Australia on your own terms, curated around your needs and preferences.

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