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Best places to travel in April

If you’re looking to go on safari, April is the best month to tiger-spot in India’s national parks, where you’ll also see a supporting cast of elephants, deer, and birdlife. For a coastal escape, you’ve got your pick, including Mexico’s Mayan Riviera and secluded Maldivian islands.

If you’re seeking adventure, this is the time of year to take an in-depth tour across Vietnam. April is also a month of festivities around the globe, from the Festa di San Marco in Italy to cherry blossom celebrations in South Korea.

Festivals and events around the world in April

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1. India

As India’s central plains warm through February and March, the water sources dry out. By April, animals are drawn from the jungle to larger lakes, making this the best month to spot a range of Indian wildlife.

Spend a few weeks on safari in some of the country’s national parks and sanctuaries and you might spot a leopard relaxing in the bough of a tree, a sloth bear lurking in the shadows, or the star of the show — the Bengal tiger. Herds of elephants and deer roam freely, while jewel-toned birds flit between the trees. This is also the season for seeing clouds of butterflies and the red blossom of the aptly-named flame-of-the-forest tree.

  • Don't miss:
  • Flight time: 14 hours upwards dependent on airline (Toronto to New Delhi)
  • Time difference: UTC +5:30
  • April Temperature (Day): 9 to 39°C, depending on region
  • April rainfall: 0 to 151mm, varies by region
Tiger in Ranthambhore National Park
Tiger in Ranthambhore National Park

2. Australia

With plenty of sunshine and far less rainfall than the summer months, April is one of the best times to visit South Australia. The dry, clear roads make this a good time for a road trip across the region, or for combining a stay in the Outback with wildlife spotting on Kangaroo Island. You could also go wine tasting in the Clare and Barossa Valleys, where the grape harvest will be in full swing.

Another option is to add on time in Western Australia, where you can take a boat trip to see (or swim near) whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.

  • Don't miss:
  • Flight time: 19 hours upwards dependent on airline (Toronto to Sydney)
  • Time difference: UTC +7 to UTC +11
  • April Temperature (Day): 16 to 35°C, depending on region
  • April rainfall: 14 to 449mm, varies by region
Seals at Seal Bay, Australia
Seals at Seal Bay, Australia

3. Italy

April is the month of romance in Italy, when men offer a single rosebud to the women they love as part of the Festa di San Marco. As San Marco is the patron saint of Venice, the city celebrates with aplomb. If Easter week falls in April, this can also make it an exciting time to visit, with many towns and cities holding week-long celebrations. In Rome, a number of events are led by the pope.

April is also the start of truffle-hunting season, which you could experience by joining a guided truffle hunt or by simply enjoying the range of seasonal truffle-infused dishes.

Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice
Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice

4. Mexico

Temperatures in Mexico are picking up in April, making this the ideal time to explore the beaches, cenotes (natural sinkholes) and towns of the Yucatán Peninsula. Inland, it’s still comfortable enough to explore the Mayan archaeological site of Chichén Itzá. You could combine this with visits to lesser-known Mayan sites such as nearby Uxmal, dedicated to the rain god Chac, or Tutum, a temple site positioned to gaze out over the Caribbean Sea.

The beaches of the Mayan Riviera are lapped by warm, calm seas at this time of year. You can also visit many of the riviera’s nature parks, which offer zip-lining, guided activities, and snorkeling.

Chichén Itzá, Mexico
Chichén Itzá, Mexico

5. The Maldives

April is the final month of the Maldives’ dry season, with plenty of sunshine and little rainfall. It tends to be quieter than the peak months of February and March, making the islands even more peaceful, and many resorts offer multi-night discounts or dining offers.

The water visibility is also particularly clear at this time of year, making it an excellent time for snorkeling or diving. Most resorts will offer complimentary snorkeling gear and have an on-site dive school. We recommend picking an island with its own house reef you can swim to from the beach.

Clownfish, The Maldives
Clownfish, The Maldives

6. South Korea

Japan may get all the attention when it comes to cherry-blossom season, but it’s not the only country to celebrate the pink blossoms with aplomb. While the cherry-blossom season is never guaranteed to fall over exact dates, April is the best time to travel to South Korea if you’re hoping to see the blooms. The arrival of the blossom is celebrated with festivals across the country, from military band parades and music performances to seasonal markets.

The weather is also pleasant across the country. It’s warm but not humid, making it ideal for hiking on Jeju Island, exploring Seoul’s streets on foot and sampling Busan’s street food on a guided tour.

Gyeongbokgung Palace in the spring
Gyeongbokgung Palace in the spring

7. Myanmar

April’s hot temperatures aren’t ideal if you’re eager to hike, but it’s the best time of year to see Myanmar in full celebration mode. Country-wide, regional, and village-specific celebrations happen almost every day, and while festival dates can change rather sporadically, you’re likely to catch a celebration wherever you go.

You might visit at the same time as Thingyan, Myanmar New Year — it’s like a giant water festival as water is poured over people as a cleansing ritual. Many of the country’s rural communities celebrate their own annual festivals in April, too, including the animist tribes of the Kayah state, who come together to predict the fate of the coming year in a series of parades and music.

National Kandawgyi Gardens, Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay state, Myanmar
National Kandawgyi Gardens, Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay state, Myanmar

8. Vietnam

If you’re planning on an extensive tour across Vietnam, April is the best month for good weather across the country. In the north, temperatures are still cool enough to make hiking through the paddy fields of Ha Giang and Sapa comfortable, with clear skies for views across the steep-sided valleys.

The central region’s beaches are bathed in sunshine, and to the south, the rain-prone Mekong Delta is warm enough to make the occasional shower a refreshing relief. The Thay Pagoda Festival, commemorating the life of inventor Tu Dao Hanh, often falls in April and is celebrated with processions and puppetry performances across the country.

Rice terraces, Vietnam
Rice terraces, Vietnam

9. Ireland

April is the ideal time to visit some of Ireland’s highlights before prices rise and key sights get busy in May. You’ll be rewarded with quieter landscapes and will also catch the spring flowers in full bloom, which are particularly scenic around the lakes and peaks of Killarney National Park.

The roads should still be quiet enough to enjoy a leisurely driving route around the Ring of Kerry, and the weather conditions are optimum for a guided hike or kayaking tour across one of Killarney’s inky-blue lakes. This is also an excellent time for seasonal produce, best appreciated on a guided food tour or Irish whiskey- and cheese-tasting evening.

The Kerry Cliffs, Ring of Kerry
The Kerry Cliffs, Ring of Kerry
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