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Maine iguana, Galapagos Islands

From the blog in 2016

  • Jaguar in the Pantanal, Brazil

    Where to go in 2017

    05 Min Read

    We ask our specialists to reveal their recommendations for which destinations to consider as you start planning your travels for the forthcoming year.

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  • Tuscan views from San Gimignano

    Italy for every interest

    08 Min Read

    Whether it's the handmade pasta of Florence or the famous frescoes in the Vatican that intrigues you, our specialists detail their favorite experiences in Italy, no matter your preference.

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  • The Rock Restaurant, North of Dongwe beach. Zanzibar

    Restaurants worth the journey

    08 Min Read

    There are some meals you never forget, whether for the food, the service, the restaurant’s decor or its location. We’ve put together our suggestions of restaurants that are destinations in themselves.

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  • Male lion, Masai Mara

    The right safari for you

    09 Min Read

    Whether you're looking for a family safari, a wildlife-focused honeymoon, or wish to combine a safari experience with the beach, our specialists can organize a tailor-made safari to suit your preferences.

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  • Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro

    Top 6 famous stays

    04 Min Read

    These A-list hotels all have famous connections to films, music or television, and now you can experience their splendor too.

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  • Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

    The Great Outdoors: Australia

    10 Min Read

    Our specialists narrow down their personal highlights of Australia's wilderness, and show you the best ways to discover and explore the country's very great outdoors.

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  • The ghost town at Kolmanskop

    7 Haunting Experiences Around the World

    04 Min Read

    Thrills can be found anywhere around the world, whether you’re wandering through ancient pharaoh tombs in Egypt or looking for ghosts in the windows of a haunted South African hotel. Stray off the beaten path and discover centuries-old mysteries and abandoned towns frozen in time with these eerie experiences from Japan to Peru.

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