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Freycinet National Park

From the blog in May 2023

Freycinet National Park
  • Whales in Monterey

    5 nature experiences in Monterey County, California

    05 Min Read

    From coastal hikes and leisurely e-bike rides to catamaran cruises and whale-watching trips, there are many ways to experience Monterey County’s natural wonders. We share five of the best ways to get close to nature in this region of California.

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  • Kalbarri National Park

    Getting off the beaten path in Western Australia

    06 Min Read

    We’ve noticed more visitors seeking solitude in off-the-beaten-path destinations, like Western Australia. Audley specialist Lee explains why a trip along the Coral Coast is ideal for reconnecting with nature and enjoying a slower pace of life.

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  • Ta Prohm

    Our pick: the best multi-country trips

    10 Min Read

    Journeying between countries can be a logistical challenge, but we’ve picked a selection of trips to show you that, with the right planning, it’s all part of the adventure. Whether you meander across the Silk Route or cross remote Indochinese borders, you’ll get a mix of cultures, landscapes and experiences.

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  • Canopy walkway, Danum Valley, Malaysian Borneo

    Through the canopy in Borneo

    09 Min Read

    One of our Southeast Asia specialists, Sophie, just returned from her fifth trip to Borneo. She’s designed a tour around her visit that can take you through the country’s many layers — ecological and cultural.

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