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A view of Mount Otemanu on Bora Bora from the air

Audley Traveler blog

  • Rarotonga

    The South Pacific: beyond the waters

    05 Min Read

    Our South Pacific specialists share their own personal take on Fiji and French Polynesia. They explain why they have a penchant for particular islands, and what you can experience on your own trip.

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  • Gentoo penguins, Antarctica

    Penguins or polar bears?

    03 Min Read

    'Penguins or polar bears?’ is a question you might have commonly heard when it comes to choosing which polar region to visit. But, besides these headliners, there’s a whole supporting cast of wildlife to observe in Antarctica and the Arctic.

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  • Table Mountain South Africa

    Our pick: the best multi-country trips

    11 Min Read

    Journeying between countries can be a logistical challenge, but we’ve picked a selection of trips to show you that, with the right planning, it’s all part of the adventure. Whether you meander across the Silk Route or cross remote Indochinese borders, you’ll get a mix of cultures, landscapes and experiences.

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  • Dumplings, China

    New activities for a new year

    10 Min Read

    We’re constantly looking for new ways to explore the countries we love. In 2018, you can cycle across Japan’s Seto Sea on suspension bridges, hear Rwandan fishermen singing across Lake Kivu and explore the polar regions on a lavish expedition ship.

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  • Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Audley travelers’ Southeast Asian favorites

    11 Min Read

    The first region Audley ever sold, Southeast Asia has captivated our travelers (and us) for more than 20 years. Our specialists share the cruises, hotels, restaurants and experiences that you have raved about over the decades and explain why they’re so popular.

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  • On route to Mayoyao, Ifugao province

    5 ways to experience the Philippines

    06 Min Read

    Philippines specialist Gareth describes his highlights of this varied archipelago, including Corregidor Island, the rice terraces of Mayoyao and spotting the tiny tarsier in Bohol.

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