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King Tutankhamun's innermost coffin

Audley Traveler blog

  • San Agustin archaeological park

    Forgotten and abandoned places, refound

    10 Min Read

    As the nights shorten, our travel musings take on a tinge of the macabre. Here, our specialists interpret what it means for a place to be forgotten. They explain why a particular place speaks to them — and why you should visit.

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  • Coffee picking on the farm at El Cisne

    Coffee around the world

    10 Min Read

    Audley invites you to observe International Coffee Day, which is celebrated on 1st October each year. We suggest brew-based destinations to inspire your travels, from the cafes of Calcutta and Melbourne to the plantations of Thailand and Costa Rica.

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  • Ruins at Tikal

    Classic sights... with a twist

    13 Min Read

    There are sights around the world that everyone wants to visit, from the Great Wall of China to Mount Etna and the Sydney Opera House. Here, our specialists describe ways in which you can see and experience these well-known corners in an alternative light.

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  • Freshly cooked food at street stalls in Bangkok

    5 Delicious Culinary Experiences for the Well-Traveled Foodie

    09 Min Read

    One of the best ways to get to know a place is through its food, be it a food tour by a local resident or an invitation into a family home. Our specialists have picked out a selection of experiences that might see you trying bunny chow in Cape Town or helping to prepare a tagine in Fez.

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