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Aerial view of Tayrona National Park

When is the best time to visit Colombia?

Aerial view of Tayrona National Park

The best time to visit Colombia depends on which area you travel to. Weather variations are determined more by region than clearly defined seasons.

The main differences of note are in the highlands, where nights become chilly at higher altitudes.

Meanwhile, the lowlands enjoy a tropical climate year-round, with little temperature variation. More frequent rain showers will be noticeable in the wetter months of April to June, and again in October and November.

Overall, Colombia is a year-round destination, particularly along the Caribbean coast and in Medellín. Here, warm, dry weather is prevalent for almost the entire year.

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Month-by-month guide for traveling in Colombia

Corcora valley, Coffee region

Visiting Colombia in December - March

Colombia’s high season sees plenty of sunny days; ideal for exploring the country’s charming towns and cities, the coffee district, and relaxing on the beach. Early planning is crucial for December and January, which see a huge influx of domestic holidaymakers and international visitors.

Events & Festivals

  • Festival of Lights (early December): Around the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Villa de Leyva marks the event with a small festival of light, where balconies and terraces are lit by candles and lanterns.
  • Hay Literary Festival (January): With its four-day program usually filled with plenty of events and readings, this festival stages a partner event in Cartagena.
Cartagena, Colombia

Visiting Colombia in April - June

The start of the rainy season brings slightly wetter weather in some places, but persistent rainfall is very unusual. You should plan ahead if you wish to visit over Easter as this is a popular time for regional tourism.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Visiting Colombia in July - August

In many areas a mini dry season returns to the country, bringing wonderful conditions once again for visiting Colombia’s cultural highlights, beautiful countryside, jungles and beaches. Some airlines will increase their fares in line with European and North American vacation periods.

Events & Festivals

  • Medellín Flower Festival (August): This annual flower festival exhibits truly astonishing flower displays as well as live music and other festivities on the streets of Medellín.
Trumpeteer, Cartagena de Indias

Visiting Colombia in September - November

This is the low season in Colombia, but due to the country’s unique geographical position visitors to many of the main attractions will not find their travel hindered by prolonged periods of rain. Long spells of dry weather can still be enjoyed, and many take advantage of off-peak travel to get a wider choice of hotels and lower rates than in the months to follow.

Events & Festivals

  • Independence Day of Cartagena (November 11): Visitors to Cartagena on this day can enjoy colorful parades, music and dance.

Colombia Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bogotá 19°C 37mm 20°C 50mm 20°C 71mm 19°C 116mm 19°C 102mm 18°C 57mm 18°C 42mm 18°C 45mm 19°C 62mm 18°C 130mm 19°C 110mm 19°C 65mm
Cartagena 31°C 2mm 31°C 0mm 32°C 0mm 32°C 17mm 32°C 105mm 32°C 115mm 32°C 83mm 32°C 82mm 31°C 119mm 31°C 193mm 32°C 108mm 32°C 24mm
Medellín 27°C 48mm 27°C 64mm 28°C 94mm 27°C 177mm 27°C 200mm 27°C 138mm 28°C 120mm 27°C 140mm 27°C 162mm 26°C 201mm 26°C 152mm 26°C 83mm
Santa Marta 32°C 7mm 33°C 1mm 33°C 2mm 33°C 18mm 33°C 61mm 33°C 70mm 33°C 51mm 33°C 61mm 33°C 96mm 32°C 111mm 32°C 59mm 33°C 19mm
Tayrona National Park 32°C 13mm 33°C 4mm 33°C 7mm 33°C 34mm 33°C 80mm 33°C 84mm 33°C 63mm 33°C 81mm 33°C 136mm 32°C 178mm 32°C 120mm 32°C 38mm
Zona Cafetera 23°C 175mm 23°C 189mm 23°C 234mm 22°C 307mm 22°C 250mm 22°C 186mm 23°C 127mm 22°C 155mm 22°C 198mm 21°C 364mm 21°C 311mm 22°C 226mm

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