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Although mentioned by Aristotle in his writings, Greece’s white truffles are not as well-known as Italian and French varieties. That said, they’re growing in reputation and are equally prized. This private, half-day tour gives you a great introduction to this long-established native food source.

During your tour you’ll learn about the Greek truffle market and team up with a local truffle hunter and his dogs to experience the art of foraging for these precious fungi. You’ll hear about the different types of truffles and their uses, and get a chance to taste local truffles cooked for you in a woodland setting.

Your tour starts at the Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum in Kalambaka. You’ll meet your driver here and set off to a secluded spot in the nearby woodlands, a 20- to 25-minute drive away from the town. Here, you’ll meet Panayiotis, a local truffle hunter, and his truffle dogs Maya and Dorita.

The dogs are specially trained to seek out truffles without damaging them, and you’ll follow behind them as they go in search of the prized delicacy. As you walk, Panayiotis will introduce you to the world of truffle hunting. He’ll explain how and why the truffles grow, Greece’s place in the world truffle market, and the reasons why this culinary delicacy commands such high prices.

Along with an overview of the truffle industry, you’ll get to see quiet, unspoiled Greek woodlands with an experienced local and learn a little about this habitat.

Once Maya and Dorita have located some truffles, Panayiotis will lead you to another part of the forest where you’ll meet a local chef who will cook your truffles for you. Added to a simple dish of pasta, you’ll get a deeper understanding of why this unusual fungus is so important gastronomically as you enjoy lunch and wine in the heart of the forest.

After you’ve eaten, you’ll travel back to Kalambaka by car to visit the Mushroom Museum where you’ll have a guided tour. Your tour finishes with a tasting of different varieties of Greek mushrooms.

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Photos of Truffle hunting and the Mushroom Museum of Kalambaka