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West Bay Beach

Places to visit in Honduras

West Bay Beach
Despite its past troubles, Honduras is looking toward a brighter future. Our specialists have delved into this oft-maligned country and identified the best places to go in Honduras. In addition to the scuba-diving hub that is the sleepy Bay Islands — of which Roatán is the most set-up for visitors — they’d encourage you to venture beyond the beaches and explore the subtropical forests of Pico Bonito National Park.

One of Honduras’s greatest attractions, its wildlife reserves, trails and waterways are so quiet, you’re likely to be the only person there enjoying the wildlife — the bright turquoise flash of a motmot, melodious oropendolas, and scuttling agouti. Meanwhile, at Copán — arguably Central America’s most esoteric and overlooked pre-Columbian ruins — you can wander at your own pace among carved stelae and giant ball courts.
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