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It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re in possession of a full passport with the correct validity for your chosen destination. The vast majority of countries require a passport that is valid for at least six months following the date of departure from that country.

It’s also your responsibility to ensure that you have the required visas to enter or pass through all the countries on your itinerary. Visa requirements will vary depending on the nationalities of those who are going to travel, so if you have people in your group with different citizenship please ensure that you have checked the requirements for each person.

Visa requirements are subject to change at any time, so we recommend obtaining up-to-date information from the Government website’s foreign travel advice pages. Your specialist can also advise on requirements and the best way to apply for a visa. For many countries, we’re able to offer a visa-handling service through an external company.

Some countries require visitors to complete an electronic travel authority. You can complete your application online and the authorisation is then electronically linked to your passport. You should be aware that an electronic travel authority may be required even if you’re only in transit through that country, for example passing through the United States. There will be a requirement to clear both customs and immigration, as in effect you’re entering the country even if only waiting at the airport for a connecting flight.

Vaccination certificates, particularly for yellow fever, may be required for some destinations. Please check our Health page for more details.

We recommend taking a photocopy of your passport and important documents, and keeping these separately from the originals.

Single parents or other adults going with children should be aware that they may have to provide documentary evidence of permission to take the children abroad. The country you’re visiting may also have specific entry requirements in relation to children. See the Government website’s foreign travel advice pages for more details.