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Harry - © Harry Skeggs

Meet our judge: photographer Harry Skeggs

Photography is about capturing your world view. Shoot the experiences and subjects you’re passionate about — that’s what motivates me to get up at the crack of dawn to capture the natural world. There’s something so special about a photo of a lion and being able to see not only every tooth and hair on the animal, but a sense of his personality, too.

Audley photography competition: Meet photographer Harry Skeggs

Audley photography competition: Meet photographer Harry Skeggs

Audley photography competition: Meet photographer Harry Skeggs.

In his work, photographer Harry Skeggs goes beyond shooting a beautiful image — he strives to capture the feeling of a place, the vibrancy of a moment, or the personality of his subject in each shot. It’s this desire to go deeper and become grounded in the places he explores that made Harry the ideal judge for The world through your lens, our Audley travel photography competition 2021.

His passion for photography has taken him to over 90 countries across 7 continents. His adventures range from getting to know the Huli people of Papua New Guinea to snorkeling alongside whales in Tonga. Want to learn more? We asked Harry for his advice for taking inspirational travel photography in our latest blog.

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The world through Harry’s lens

To help spark inspiration for your own entries, we’ve asked Harry to look through his archives and curate a collection of images focused around our competition categories. Have a look through the gallery below to see his work.

Flight of Fancy - © Harry Skeggs

Motion | Sepik, Papua New Guinea
by Harry Skeggs

Hellfire landscape - © Harry Skeggs

Landscape | Marakele National Park, South Africa
by Harry Skeggs

Last light of the Huli - © Harry Skeggs

Connections | Tari Highlands, Papua New Guinea
by Harry Skeggs

Ulysses - © Harry Skeggs

Wildlife | Amboseli National Park, Kenya
by Harry Skeggs

Scar - © Harry Skeggs

Connections | Marakele National Park, South Africa
by Harry Skeggs

Stallions of the sun - © Harry Skeggs

Motion | Camargue, France
by Harry Skeggs