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Discover the ancient culture of Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico

At the peak of its existence, the Maya civilization was the most densely populated and culturally diverse society in the world.

They developed the previously basic ideas of mathematics and astronomical systems and were the first pre-Columbian American people to invent a complete written language. The Maya reigned supreme over what we know today as Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and the southern states of Mexico.

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Located in the Petén Basin region of northern Guatemala, Tikal was one of the largest Mayan cities and an important economical and political center during the height of the Classic Period (200 – 900 AD). Today, the towering limestone temples and palaces still stand in all their glory, paying testament to the power and wealth of this great civilization and offering a wonderful glimpse into Maya history for visitors from around the world.

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Much smaller in size to the great cities of Tikal and Copán, Palenque lies on a gently sloping hillside overlooking sweeping, dense jungle in the Chiapas region of Mexico. Despite its small scale, Palenque offers a huge wealth of remarkably preserved temples, palaces, pyramids and tombs, including that of the powerful ruler Pacal The Great.

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