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Marble caves on General Carrera Lake, Patagonia

When is the best time to visit Chile?

The best time to visit Chile depends on the region you’re traveling to. October to March are the warmest and most accessible months for visitors heading to Patagonia, in the south of the country. This is summer in the Southern Hemisphere and the weather is very pleasant, with warm temperatures of around 22°C.

Meanwhile, Santiago, the central valleys, and the Atacama Desert are truly year-round destinations. Hot weather draws the crowds in during the summer months of December to February, so it’s important to book well in advance.

The winter months of June, July and August are popular months for skiers in the mountains around Santiago, although most other attractions close during this time. Temperatures sit between 15°C and 16°C.

April’s displays of fall leaves in Chile’s winelands make this month an appealing time for a visit, with lower visitor numbers giving you more space to explore. It’s also a great time to spot wildlife in Torres del Paine National Park, including the elusive puma. Just be prepared to wrap up warm, as temperatures can fall to 32°F.

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Month-by-month guide for traveling in Chile

Santiago, Chile

Visiting Chile in January - February

January and February are busy times to visit Chile, it being the peak of the country's summer. Accommodation in Torres del Paine National Park in particular gets full very quickly and prices shoot up here at this time of year. This is a good time to visit Santiago as many residents travel out of the city; reducing congestion and hotel prices.

If you’re thinking of visiting the Atacama Desert, it's worth noting that, in recent years, this region has seen freak heavy rainfall for a short period (normally just a few days) in late January to early February. Please talk to your specialist for more information.

Events & Festivals

  • Vendimias (late February to early May): These are wine harvesting festivals that take place across Chile's wine growing area, usually featuring grape stomping, local music and wine tasting.
The Chilean Wine Region

Visiting Chile in March

As the crowds in Patagonia ease off and accommodation prices drop a little, March is a lovely time to travel across Chile; particularly to the Lake District and winelands.

Events & Festivals

  • Vendimias (late February to early May): These are wine harvesting festivals that take place across Chile's wine growing area, usually featuring grape stomping, local music and wine tasting.
Wild guanacoes, Torres del Paine National Park

Visiting Chile in April - August

April to August are much quieter in terms of visitor numbers in Patagonia in particular, with many hotels closing for the season. However, for those wishing to experience Torres del Paine at its wildest, the park remains open and unique wildlife spotting opportunities are available.

Events & Festivals

  • Puma spotting in Torres del Paine National Park (April and May): There is an increased chance of spotting the elusive puma during these months in Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Vendimias (late February to early May): These are wine harvesting festivals that take place across Chile's wine growing area, usually featuring grape stomping, local music and wine tasting.
Atacama Desert, Chile

Visiting Chile in September

September is a good month for a visit that combines Santiago, the central valleys and the north of the country; including the Atacama Desert. Crowds are small and the days are beginning to warm up.

Events & Festivals

  • Independence Day (September 18): Nationwide festivities take place to mark the anniversary of Chile's independence from Spain, including parties, dances and traditional meals.
The Osorno Volcano, near Puerto Varas

Visiting Chile in October

Spring flowers in the Lake District begin to make an appearance in October, creating beautiful scenery. You can, however, expect more rain here at this time of year.

Valparaiso, Chile

Visiting Chile in November

November is the start of Chile's summer and crowds across the country — particularly in Patagonia — begin to increase in size. Make sure you book well in advance if traveling at this time to ensure you get the best accommodation choices.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Visiting Chile in December

Chileans like to take their vacations in December, so coastal areas such as Valparaiso can become busy. As with January and February, December is a popular time to visit Torres del Paine National Park and we recommend booking well in advance for a stay here during this period.

Events & Festivals

  • New Year's Eve (December 31): Celebrate New Year's Eve in style, where many of our recommended hotels offer wonderful views of the fireworks displays that take place over the bay in Valparaiso.

Chile Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Easter Island 27°C 85mm 27°C 74mm 27°C 85mm 26°C 114mm 24°C 134mm 22°C 106mm 22°C 110mm 21°C 90mm 22°C 83mm 23°C 82mm 24°C 73mm 26°C 93mm
Elqui Valley 24°C 0mm 25°C 0mm 23°C 0mm 20°C 3mm 18°C 9mm 16°C 24mm 16°C 19mm 17°C 15mm 19°C 6mm 20°C 3mm 23°C 1mm 24°C 0mm
Puerto Varas 20°C 76mm 19°C 83mm 17°C 120mm 15°C 152mm 12°C 241mm 11°C 233mm 10°C 216mm 11°C 186mm 12°C 143mm 15°C 110mm 16°C 105mm 18°C 92mm
San Pedro de Atacama 24°C 22mm 24°C 4mm 23°C 2mm 21°C 2mm 19°C 1mm 16°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 21°C 3mm 22°C 3mm 23°C 1mm 24°C 3mm
Santiago 30°C 0mm 29°C 2mm 26°C 2mm 23°C 20mm 19°C 64mm 15°C 93mm 15°C 93mm 16°C 55mm 19°C 30mm 22°C 19mm 26°C 16mm 28°C 3mm
Torres del Paine National Park 11°C 81mm 10°C 86mm 9°C 115mm 6°C 105mm 2°C 87mm 0°C 79mm 0°C 91mm 1°C 85mm 4°C 75mm 7°C 85mm 8°C 79mm 10°C 87mm
Valparaiso 23°C 4mm 22°C 1mm 21°C 5mm 19°C 25mm 17°C 89mm 15°C 161mm 15°C 124mm 15°C 81mm 17°C 39mm 18°C 20mm 20°C 8mm 22°C 4mm

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