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Eco Termales Hot Springs, Costa Rica

The Eco Termales hot springs are a beautiful sanctuary surrounded by nature, and the project has long been more of a family project than a business. The smallest of the hot springs in the Arenal area, Eco Termales is geared more towards privacy and relaxation and does not accept more than 100 people at any one time. 

There are four pools in which you will have plenty of time to enjoy, all varying in temperature. The coolest pool being 91 degrees Fahrenheit and the hottest, 105 degrees including one with a cascading waterfall creating a refreshing mist over the water.

Various effects on the body create an overall sense of well-being, relaxing in these springs. The chemical effects are related to the minerals and other substances in the water, which are transferred to the skin and bloodstream through osmosis. The physical effects are due in large part to the water temperature, which helps dilate the skin, thus improving oxygen flow in the tissues that are being treated. The heat also encourages the flow of natural sedating substances in the body, encouraging muscle relaxation. The biological effects are produced by the hydrothermal flora and fauna, integrating micro and macro organisms in a complex union. This effect is called biogleas and is composed of thousand of different species which strengthen the skin’s defense systems, helping it to repair itself from external attacks such as aging.

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