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Lake Atitlán

When is the best time to visit Guatemala?

Lake Atitlán

The best time to visit Guatemala is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. However, the country has a pleasant climate that lends itself to year-round trips, with temperatures between 72°F and 90°F.

Even in the wet season (May to October), the rainfall only lasts for a couple of hours per day in the main visitor regions.

The highlands are known for having beautiful warm days, but the nights are cooler. The lowlands around Tikal are usually hot all year round (79°F to 90°F), with humidity increasing from May onward.

We only advise against travel in September and October if you are combining your visit with some beach time in Belize, as the rain will be more disruptive there.

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Month-by-month guide for traveling in Guatemala

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Visiting Guatemala in November - April

Guatemala’s dry season brings dazzling blue skies and warm sunshine to Antigua and Lake Atitlán. Similar conditions can be enjoyed in the highlands; though evenings here can be chilly year-round due to the higher altitude. In the lowland areas around Tikal with its surrounding jungle you can expect short showers, but this has no impact on touring here. Demand for rooms in Guatemala’s generally small and characterful hotels spikes from mid-December to mid-January and again over Easter, making early planning crucial at this time.

Events & Festivals

  • All Souls Day (November 2): Although Guatemala’s ‘Day of the Dead’ festivities are not as elaborate as Mexico's, families still mark the event with visits to cemeteries, and Santiago Sacatepéquez hosts a kite-flying fair.
  • Holy Week (March/April): Some of the most fascinating and colorful Holy Week traditions can be observed in Antigua, Guatemala. Religious processions pass through streets vibrantly carpeted in flowers and colored sawdust.
Cathedral, Antigua, Guatemala

Visiting Guatemala in May - October

During the rainy season in Guatemala you can often expect sunny mornings and showers falling predominantly in the afternoon, usually lasting no longer than a couple of hours. Temperatures remain warm, but you will notice increased humidity in the lowland areas around Tikal. This is also one of the only places where the rains may complicate journey times, as the inferior condition of the roads around Tikal and crossing the border into Belize lead to more arduous road travel after heavy rainfall.

Events & Festivals

  • Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asunción (August 15): The feast of Guatemala’s patron brings processions and small fairs to many Guatemalan towns.
  • Independence Day (September 15): The anniversary of Guatemala's independence is celebrated across the country with a public holiday, parades and music.

Guatemala Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Antigua 22°C 1mm 23°C 3mm 25°C 4mm 25°C 28mm 25°C 119mm 23°C 240mm 23°C 178mm 24°C 151mm 23°C 232mm 23°C 136mm 23°C 20mm 22°C 6mm
Flores 27°C 65mm 28°C 54mm 29°C 43mm 31°C 34mm 32°C 137mm 33°C 209mm 31°C 186mm 31°C 182mm 31°C 228mm 29°C 208mm 27°C 116mm 27°C 87mm
Lake Atitlán 26°C 4mm 26°C 22mm 27°C 21mm 26°C 57mm 26°C 156mm 24°C 411mm 25°C 223mm 25°C 232mm 24°C 404mm 25°C 236mm 26°C 47mm 26°C 14mm
Tikal & El Petén 26°C 63mm 28°C 32mm 30°C 55mm 32°C 47mm 32°C 118mm 31°C 217mm 30°C 166mm 31°C 121mm 30°C 171mm 29°C 173mm 28°C 116mm 27°C 62mm

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Practical tips for traveling to Guatemala, from social protocols to guidance on money matters, with a link to the latest Government of Canada travel advice.

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