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A cruise with Celebrity Cruises is all about the adventure. From the raw landscapes of Alaska’s coast to the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, you’ll discover far-flung corners and visit places you’d otherwise miss if sticking to the land, all while enjoying exceptional service, food, and facilities on board. Our specialists can help you choose the right destination, ship, and route for you, pairing a cruise with time ashore for a rewarding and meaningful trip.

I’d cruised the Galapagos before, but not in the same style and comfort as when I was aboard Celebrity Flora. With a stargazing platform, a laboratory for learning about your surroundings, and lots of activities to get you out exploring, the voyage let me really get to know the archipelago in depth. I also love Celebrity Cruises for its eco-credentials, exceptional service, and sumptuous accommodation.

Celebrity Cruises destinations

Hopping between islands where wildlife has evolved of its own accord. Exploring natural wonders, gold-rush towns, and time-worn totem poles. Witnessing a singular moment in time, from a glacier calving into the water to a blue-footed booby performing its mating ritual… Whether you’re cruising in the Galapagos or Alaska, Celebrity Cruises takes you into the heart of adventure.

Trip ideas featuring Celebrity Cruises

Our trip ideas show just some of the ways you can pair a Celebrity Cruises voyage with time on land to really get to know your chosen destination. You might like to spot wildlife in the Galapagos before or after exploring Ecuador’s cloudforests, or experience the untamed wilderness of Alaska’s coast in addition to its rugged interior.

Celebrity Cruises' ships

Specially designed with their destinations in mind, Celebrity Cruises' ships not only let you explore in luxury, but also adopt cutting-edge technology to make sure they have minimal impact on the environment. And, you’ll find everything you need on board, from pools to private verandas.

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Further inspiration

If you’re itching to climb aboard, you’ll find further cruise inspiration in the video below, whether you’re set on a particular destination or looking for ideas on where to explore by land and sea.

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Celebrity Cruises

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