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Oval Plaza, Jerash

When is the best time to visit Jordan?

Oval Plaza, Jerash

The best time to visit Jordan is in spring or fall, when you can expect temperatures into the high twenties during the day, but cooler nights. It’s warm, but not too hot for exploring sites, hiking in nature reserves, or spotting plants and wildlife.

Summers in Jordan are very hot, with temperatures reaching into the forties. However, if you are not adversely affected by heat it is still worth considering a trip at this time — you will have sites like Petra almost to yourself.

Jordan often experiences snow in the winter months and the nights get cold, especially in the desert regions. This is also when the majority of the rain falls, albeit in short, sharp showers.

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Month-by-month guide for traveling in Jordan

The Dead Sea

Visiting Jordan in January - February

The winter months in Jordan are very cold: Amman is typically assailed by biting winds, while Petra experiences snowfall and temperatures hovering a few degrees below freezing. Around Aqaba and the Dead Sea the climate is warmer and more pleasant. January is also the wettest month of the year.

Events & Festivals

  • Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival: This celebrates the culture of the Bedouin people, and is a showcase of local traditional arts and crafts in the city of Aqaba.
The Treasury, Petra

Visiting Jordan in March

In March the country emerges from the chilly temperatures of winter, and the rainiest time of year is over. As this is only the start of spring the sites are still relatively quiet. However, nights in the desert can be quite cold still.

Feathers Canyon Trail, Dana Nature Reserve

Visiting Jordan in April - May

Wildflowers coat the valleys and even the desert from April through to early June, creating a kaleidoscope of color across the country. Temperatures are warm but not too hot and, thanks to winter's rain, the valleys and forests are lush. This is one of the most popular times to visit Jordan.

Hadrian's Arch, Jerash

Visiting Jordan in June - August

The heat increases over the summer months from June to August, so if you plan on visiting during this time we advise taking lots of water and finding shade often. However, this is dry heat rather than being humid, so if you don't mind the high temperatures it can still be comfortable. As this is the low season, hotels tend to decrease their rates accordingly.

Events & Festivals

  • Jerash Festival: A celebration of Jordanian arts, culture, literature, food, and music. This is a large and lively event, and often includes optional seminars and workshops in addition to the main celebrations taking place in Jerash.
  • The dark skies of the desert: At this time of year, the skies provide the perfect canvas for watching the Perseid meteor shower, which occurs annually, and can bee seen in Wadi Rum.
Amman Roman Theatre

Visiting Jordan in September

Although still a summer month, toward the end of September temperatures do start to cool off slightly.

The Monastery, Petra

Visiting Jordan in October - November

Fall isn't always a particularly distinct season in Jordan, although it falls roughly from the end of September through to the end of November. Temperatures have cooled from the heat of summer but are not yet into the depths of the winter chill, and there is often a bit of rain around mid-October which provides sustenance to the ground after a dry few months, creating green landscapes once again. This is a very pleasant time to visit Jordan.

Theatre, Umm Qais

Visiting Jordan in December

December is the start of the winter season in Jordan, with temperatures plummeting and rain and snow often falling throughout the country. However, this is a quiet time to visit, so sites may be empty.

Jordan Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Amman 12°C 76mm 13°C 70mm 16°C 61mm 22°C 17mm 27°C 4mm 30°C 0mm 31°C 0mm 32°C 0mm 30°C 0mm 27°C 7mm 20°C 32mm 14°C 65mm
Aqaba 20°C 5mm 22°C 6mm 25°C 5mm 29°C 3mm 34°C 1mm 37°C 0mm 38°C 0mm 38°C 0mm 35°C 0mm 32°C 1mm 26°C 3mm 21°C 5mm
Petra 13°C 36mm 15°C 31mm 18°C 30mm 22°C 11mm 27°C 4mm 30°C 0mm 39°C 0mm 31°C 0mm 29°C 0mm 26°C 2mm 20°C 13mm 15°C 33mm
The Dead Sea 20°C 28mm 22°C 18mm 26°C 16mm 31°C 5mm 35°C 2mm 38°C 0mm 39°C 0mm 39°C 0mm 37°C 0mm 34°C 2mm 29°C 15mm 22°C 26mm
Wadi Rum 14°C 15mm 17°C 10mm 20°C 14mm 24°C 6mm 29°C 2mm 32°C 0mm 34°C 0mm 33°C 0mm 32°C 0mm 28°C 2mm 20°C 6mm 15°C 9mm

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