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Enjoy easy access to your Audley Travel itinerary whether you’re on or offline. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing each day of your trip, as well as keep a travel journal and share your experience with friends and family.

Audley Travel Companion App features and benefits

Audley Travel Companion App features and benefits

This video highlights the features and benefits of using the Audley Travel Companion App while you’re on your trip.

Download the app for your phone or tablet

What is the Audley Travel Companion App?

It’s an app to use as you travel, featuring a handy summary of your day-by-day information that’s designed to complement your final travel itinerary. Once you’ve downloaded your itinerary, you can even view the app offline. (You’ll need to be online to access some of the extra features, though.)

What are the key features of the app?

The app has some added features to support you whilst you travel, these include:

  • Live flight information — live flight updates, gate information, airport maps, and more (available online only)
  • Day-by-day itinerary — including tour and accommodation information, plus useful contact details and reference numbers
  • Travel journal — a space where you can keep notes and upload photos on the go
  • Sharing capability — share your experiences with friends and family while you’re away
  • Live weather forecast
  • In app maps

Wi-Fi not essential — once you’ve downloaded the app and your itinerary, you can access your day-by-day travel arrangements offline.

Will the app be compatible with my device?

The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets. To use the app, your device must have a minimum of:

  • iOS (Apple) 14
  • Android 8

Be sure your device is running on the most up-to-date version of your operating system.

Do I need to pay for the app?

No. The Audley Travel Companion App is free to download through your app store.

How do I download the app?
  • We’ll send you an email with a link to your app store to download the app, or you can just search for Audley Travel Companion App in your app store. Always be sure to sign into the app using the same email address that you’ve used with Audley.
  • Please note, children who are under 13 should not download the app. This is to protect their personal information.
  • We recommend turning on your notifications to take full advantage of the Companion App features.
How do I log into the app?

You’ll need to log into the app using the same email address that we used to send you an invitation. (This email should be the same as your MyAudley log-in details, which you would have set up if you’ve ever filled out our online booking form.)

What is MyAudley?

MyAudley is Audley’s secure log in for clients. To access the Companion App, you’ll need to set up a MyAudley account. You may have already created an account to complete your booking form. If you haven’t signed up to MyAudley before, please create an account here, being sure to use the email address you received the app invitation to. You’ll be asked to verify your email address to finish your account set up.

Once you have a MyAudley account, download the app to your device or navigate to the Companion App login screen. You can then log in using your MyAudley details.

Does the app replace my final documents?

No, you still need to travel with your final documents (either your online, PDF, or paper copy). The app is a companion to your final travel documents, but it won’t show things like vouchers, some tickets, or welcome letters from our local partners in destination.

Can I use the app offline when on my vacation?

Yes. Once you’ve downloaded the app (when you’re online), you’ll be able to use the app without being connected to the internet. However, flight updates and other live information will only update when you’re online.

My app isn't showing my trip?

Your itinerary will only show in the app about two weeks before your trip. At that point, please be sure you’ve received an invitation email from Audley Travel. You’ll need to log into the app using the same email address. (This address should match your MyAudley log in details.)

If you signed up to MyAudley using a different email address, please re-sign up using the email address that your specialist used throughout your booking process (which should be the one where you received the Companion app invitation).

My app is showing an outdated version of my trip?

Please contact your specialist and ask them to publish the most up to date version of your trip.

I can't see my historic trips on my app?

Your app will only show trips that you’ve booked using the same email address you’ve signed up to MyAudley with. Unfortunately, if you’ve booked previous trips using a different email address, those trips won’t show on this app.

Can other people on my trip download the app?

Yes. If the other passengers on your trip are 13 or over, they can access the app. Please give their email addresses to your specialist, who’ll send them an invitation.

Can I share my app journal with my friends and family?

Yes. You can share your journal in the app by pressing the share icon.

I can't find the answer to my app question — what do I do?

Please email our app support team on Our team work office hours, Monday to Friday. Or you can contact your country specialist.

Please note, occasionally our reply emails are sent to your spam folder, so please check there for a response.

If you’re abroad and can’t access your itinerary via the Companion app, please refer to the web or paper version of your final travel documents while we address your question.

For any urgent issues while you’re on your trip, please call the duty office number included in your travel information.

Audley Travel Companion App terms and conditions

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