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Audley specialist Hannah


Japan Specialist

I first went to Japan in December of 2022 to work at one of Japan’s ski resorts. I had been living in Australia, also working at a ski resort, and decided that I wanted to continue traveling — and skiing. Initially knowing very little about the area I was headed to, I quickly fell in love with Japan. Working at a small hotel, I bonded with the locals, ate endless amounts of sushi, and of course, skied.

Once the snow melted I was fortunate to spend several weeks exploring Japan. Traveling by bullet train, I fed deer on Miyajima Island, shopped at public markets in Kyoto, sang karaoke in Tokyo, and even learned how to throw ninja-stars from samurai in Osaka.

I’m incredibly passionate about Japan and everything it has to offer for tourists, and am eager to share this passion with clients through an impactful and memorable experience.

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Audley specialist Hannah

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Q&A with Hannah

Delicious 'okonomiyaki' pancake

What’s the best local dish you’ve tasted?

The best local dish I had was okonomiyaki in Hiroshima. The dish is made with a crepe on the bottom, cabbage and other vegetables in the middle alongside meat and/or seafood, and topped with an egg and okonomiyaki sauce. We found this spot located within Hiroshima’s “Okonomiyaki Street” and it was the perfect way to end a long day of exploring. Fun fact: there’s a debate throughout Japan as to whether Hiroshima or Osaka has the best okonomiyaki (Osaka blends all the ingredients together versus Hiroshima, which layers them), so you’ll have to go and check it out yourself.

Winter in Shirakawa-go

What’s your most vivid travel moment?

My most vivid travel moment is the first time I experienced a proper Japan snowstorm. While living and working at a remote ski resort in the countryside, it was common to get two to three feet of snow overnight. However, one night a few days after Christmas, we received nearly five feet overnight, It was incredible and beautiful to watch the snow falling and pile up along the side of our accommodation. The next day, the giant pillows of snow made our town look like a scene out of a movie.

Audley specialist Hannah

Your best piece of travel advice?

My biggest piece of travel advice is to talk to everyone — especially the locals. Traveling is the perfect opportunity to create connections and friendships with people around the world. I believe there is so much value in having friends from different backgrounds and cultures, and it’s so wonderful to discover how much you have in common. Not only that, but it’s a great way to get some lesser-known restaurant and experience recommendations.