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Michael taking an early morning hike up Isabela Island

Michael, Latin America Specialist

A passion for culture and travel has always been strong within Michael. He always loved exploring, whether it was in his native New England or extensive drives around the country. Early on in 2011 Michael had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica. Living with a family just outside of San Jose while working at a conservation site, his desire was reaffirmed. After graduating from university just north of Boston, Michael soon set off on an adventure again, this time calling Thailand his home. Over two years he explored Southeast Asia, immersing himself in the culture and the food whilst teaching the youths west of Bangkok.

With Audley Michael has had the chance to return to Latin America to remember what makes this place so special; the diverse landscapes, delicious food, rich culture, and of course the warmth of the people. Michael got to explore Costa Rica again while adding Ecuador, including the amazing Galapagos Islands onto his worldwide itinerary. While not working you may find Michael with his friends on the slopes or finding concerts all over the region.

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Michael, an Audley Travel specialist

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I'll never forget when…

We had been told that there had been whale sightings around the boat but at quite a distance. The guides had spotted them and even though the Galapagos was spoiling me with wildlife, I still wanted the chance to see these giant creatures. Awaiting the last snorkel of the trip, overlooking the stunning Punta Vicente Roca in Isabela Island, two masses had shown themselves in the distance; Orcas had decided to join our trip, my childhood favourite animal. 

The pangas raced after them as I joined ten others in the water. It was incredibly clear and upon first dip I was greeted by three large manta rays swimming out into the blue. While all the snorkels are special, this one blew me away. The cove was littered with wildlife. A sea lion dipped and dove between the rocks, Galapagos penguins shot from left and right within inches of my face, beautiful fish and rays blanketed themselves amongst the coral. I looked around trying to take mental pictures of everything and as I glazed over the floor I realized we had stumbled upon a special place. Thirty sea turtles found this spot as appealing as we did, some lay still sleeping while others dipped around the swimmers. It was an underwater paradise and an experience I never could have dreamed of.

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Michael enjoying the wildlife on Rabida Island Michael enjoying the wildlife on Rabida Island
Michael exploring the Galapagos Islands Michael exploring the Galapagos Islands