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The Monastery, Petra

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Where you can travel with us in Middle East

Our specialists can help you plan your trip, individually focusing on your tastes and interests, to the destinations below.

A storied land that can be both sere and fertile, the Middle East exists within a tangle of cultures, religions and empires, both ancient and modern. Here, you’ll find cities from myth that still hum with life as well as people who live in the world’s most extreme climates. We can help you explore colossal monuments that date back millennia, ancient holy sites from many religions and landscapes of otherworldly beauty. Our specialists return regularly to this antique land and can work with you to plan a vacation to the Middle East that takes in the region’s marvels.

Delve into the hospitable soul of the region and uncover new perspectives on places like Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Petra’s hidden city and Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza. You could find yourself slipping into a Bedouin tent to share mint tea in Jordan or watching the sunrise from an Omani dune.

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Trip ideas in Middle East

These itineraries will give you a starting point for what your trip could entail. They cover routes that we've found work particularly well and feature some of our favorite places to stay. Treat them just as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you and there are many more options available.

Our expert guides to exploring Middle East

Capturing our specialists’ extensive travel experience in Middle East, these guides share inspiration, recommendations and our honest advice for how to enjoy the best of what the region can offer in the most authentic ways. From the wealth of options we describe, you can narrow down the choices and start to shape your own trip.

  • MS Pyramisa Nile Cruise, Aswan

    Nile cruises: the route to ancient Egypt

    A Nile cruise is the classic way of exploring Egypt. Drift down the Nile in a comfortable cruise boat, making stops to visit Ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. Egypt specialist Steve outlines how you can make the most of your cruise.

  • The Monastery, Petra

    Explore the mysteries of Petra

    A hidden city that’s carved into sandstone cliffs, Petra was one of the wonders of the ancient world. Jordan specialist Nick offers a guide to the history and important sites in this vast city.

  • Camel near Salalah

    Oman's Empty Quarter

    Adventure into the Empty Quarter in Oman. Journey across this vast desert region, surrounded by nothing but rolling sand dunes for as far as the eye can see and camp beneath a blanket of stars.

  • Mount Zion, Jerusalem

    Guide to Jerusalem

    Easily combinable with an itinerary to Jordan, and fascinating enough to merit a trip in its own right, the enthralling sights and monuments of Jerusalem are certain to charm you. History has never seemed so alive.

  • Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

    Highlights of Israel

    Israel is beguilingly complicated. From the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City to the sere, sweeping vistas of the Negev, explore the historical and religious significance of this country with Olivia from our Israel team.

  • A Bedouin man at Wadi Rum

    Jordan and Egypt: Petra to Giza and Luxor

    In the sunbaked desert of Egypt and a hidden wadi in Jordan, ancient empires built enormous stone edifices that still stand thousands of years later. Middle East specialist Albert discusses the best way to see both countries on one trip.

  • Taroudant, Morocco

    How to pack for the Middle East

    First-time visitors can find it tricky to pack for the Middle East. Specialist and one-time resident Talia offers packing advice for handling the dramatic swings in temperature, the wide variety of terrains and the conservative culture.

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