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Audley specialist Chris


South Africa Specialist

I was fortunate to graduate with a degree in Multiple Language Comprehension from St. Lawrence University, NY, and along with it came a newfound love and greater purpose of stepping outside my comfort zone to travel.

I am a helper by nature, and a previous Boston EMT. I spent a few years screaming my way around the city in an ambulance, speaking English, Spanish, Mandarin and even Italian to patients in need. I keep my EMT license current, and I travel the world to continue the thrill of making those cultural connections.

My mission now is to help you realize your travel dreams. Traveling with us, you will experience South Africa’s sprawling, lush wine valleys and untouched game reserves. When you step off your plane, feel the warm breeze brush your face, and take your first breath of South African air you’ll be happy you made that choice, I promise.

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Audley specialist Chris

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Q&A with Chris

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

What’s the best local dish you’ve tasted?

While in Kruger National Game Park, we learned about the South African native venison called the 'Springbok'. We soon discovered that it was delicious: soft, tender, savory, and distinctive from any steak I've ever experienced. If meat isn’t your preference, tuna from the waters off Cape Point is your best bet. This tuna was exquisite. When you try it in the heart of Cape Town it's seared so delicately that it melts in your mouth like sushi. Pair any of these dishes with a South African wine and you are going to be in your happy place.

Great white shark cage diving

What's your most vivid travel moment?

I was standing in a wetsuit on the deck of a pitching ship looking down at rolling waves below when the voice on the loudspeaker told us to get ready. Down I went into a rocking shark cage. The cold water was biting, and we pitched up and down — but all of my senses melted away when I froze in fear staring into the leering eye of a 12-foot copper shark. There was nothing more surreal in my life than this moment, miles off the coast and nothing but me, this beautiful apex animal, and the thin metal bars between us.

Uthando Township Tour

Your best piece of travel advice?

Don’t be afraid to ask a local how to say “Hello, nice to meet you” in their native language. Has a lost tourist ever asked you for help? It felt good to reassure them, right? This good-natured feeling is replicated when a native individual is asked questions about their language. South Africa has 11 official languages. Native speakers love helping outsiders connect to their culture, pronounce words, and learn how to say, “Hi how are you.” Try saying it to another local — they will be pleasantly surprised. These experiences will leave you with a better understanding of the local people around you.