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Audley Specialist Katie


South Africa Specialist

Travel has always been a part of my life. Growing up, my mum stressed how important it was to her that my brother and I see the world, experience other cultures, and get outside our comfort zones. I took that sentiment to heart and between high school and college graduation, I traversed the world visiting over 30 countries. My adventures have included jaguar sightings in Brazil's Pantanal, stargazing in the Australian Outback, tracking lions in Kruger, hiking the remote islands of Norway, and exploring the temples of Cambodia. When not traveling, I enjoy watching tennis and hockey and I pride myself on my knowledge of some of the most obscure facts of both sports.

Captivated by the unique blend of charm and wonder of an African adventure, I’ve found myself uniquely lucky to be able to plan adventures to South Africa. From the bush and abundant wildlife to the dramatic landscapes and unique cultural experiences, I can’t wait to share my knowledge of South Africa and help others form cherished memories and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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Audley Specialist Katie

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Q&A with Katie


What’s the best local dish you’ve tasted?

In Swellendam, South Africa, I visited a local restaurant called 'Republic of Swellendam Restaurant', that specializes in South African cuisine. There I tried bobotie (pronounced "ba-boor-tea"), a Cape Malay inspired, meat-based cuisine and one of South Africa’s most famous dishes. This hearty meal consists of minced meat, curry spices, onions, milk-soaked bread, and dried fruit and is usually served with yellow rice and vetkoek — a fried dough ball. Growing up in the U.S.’s Midwest, this meal spoke to my homestyle roots, while also showcasing a spicy flair and the distinct, rich flavors of South African cuisine. It was easy to see why bobotie is so popular

Lion and her cubs in the Kruger National Park

What is your most vivid travel moment?

No animals in sight, we spent the first hour of our final game drive cold and wet from rain. When all hope seemed lost, the skies cleared and over the radio we got news of a leopard sighting. With newfound anticipation our search began. Heading towards the leopard we got delayed as a lion pride — led by two cubs — crossed the road only a couple meters in front of us. As the evening light dwindled, we came upon a group of hyenas circling a tree. I looked up to see a female leopard resting and devouring its evening meal — an extremely unlucky gazelle. That escalated quickly!

Indri in eastern Madagascar

Where would you love to travel to next?

Madagascar is the place I want to travel to next. It may partially be because I’ve always loved the animated Madagascar movie, but mostly I would love to see first-hand the unique wildlife, diverse landscapes, rich culture, and stunning beaches Madagascar has to offer.