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Mount Cook and Pukaki lake, New Zealand

From the blog in April 2010

  • Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

    Around Aoraki

    04 Min Read

    Aoraki, or Mount Cook, stands at an impressive 3,754 m (12,316 ft) tall and lies in the Southern Alps the mountain range that breaks through the length of the South Island. It is here that many visitors to the country have caught their first glimpse of the dramatic peaks that the South Island has become so renowned for.

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  • Komodo dragon, Indonesia

    Unusual Animals

    Just because in some cases they have been around for millions of years doesn't mean you'll have seen them. In fact, our list of the world's more unusual animals includes some which are definitely not easy to see, such as the virtually motionless sloth. See which animals made our list.

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  • Tea house & pond, Shinjuku Gyoen park

    Japan: Perfect 14

    05 Min Read

    With many clients choosing to travel for two weeks, due to work constraints or other reasons, we have created a breakdown of the perfect 14 days to spend in some of our favorite destinations. Audley Japan specialist Marc, discusses his perfect 14 days in Japan.

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