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We are a couple in our early 50s and we're looking for a vacation in October — a mixture of scenery/beach not too much culture/sun.

Jimbaran Bay sunset, Indonesia


There are two key regions in October that can offer suitable climatic conditions to relax on an idyllic beach as well as being comfortable enough to undertake some exploration of the region. The two areas of the world that I would suggest would be South America and parts of Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia offers a wide range of experiences, whatever your preference, and is great value too. In October the best weather would be found in BorneoMalaysia or Indonesia where stunning beaches can be found alongside tropical rainforests, volcanoes, tea plantations and a variety of wildlife viewing opportunities.

From trekking in the high Andes mountains to boat trips in the lush Amazon basin, South America has it all. Despite a very lengthy coastline the better beach locations within South America in October would on the Brazilian coast. One of our favorite regions at this time of the year is the Bahian Coast which combines well with time in Salvador, Brazil's oldest city.

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