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Leopard, Khwai Concession

From the blog in 2013

  • Letaka mobile campsite

    Mobile Camping Safaris in Botswana

    10 Min Read

    A mobile camping safari is great way to experience your surroundings at their most visceral. Director of Letaka Safaris, Grant Reed, talks about the advantages of this unique type of safari.

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  • A cable car in San Francisco

    The USA and Canada

    07 Min Read

    The areas either side of the US and Canada border are home to a multitude of fantastic spots. Our specialists share their favorite trips, which allow you to see the best of both countries.

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  • One of the Three Pagodas, Dali

    Perfect Trip: Yunnan

    04 Min Read

    The 'forgotten kingdom' of Yunnan gives Audley China specialist, Graham Usher a taste of authentic, traditional South China.

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  • Downtown Los Angeles

    In the City: Los Angeles

    03 Min Read

    While taking advantage of Los Angeles' fine weather, beautiful beaches, cultured cuisine and amazing shopping, USA specialist Emma Jenkins discovers that LA's biggest stars aren't just in Hollywood.

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  • Stupas, Ladakh

    Indian extremes

    07 Min Read

    There's so much more to India than the Taj. Here our India specialists guide you off the beaten track to Gujarat, Ladakh and the vast Deccan Plateau for an authentic experience filled with color, cuisine and culture.

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  • Leg Rowers on Inle Lake

    The Best of Burma (Myanmar)

    Once the preserve of only the most intrepid of travelers, Burma has over the last couple of decades slowly begun to reveal itself as one of the jewels of Southeast Asia.

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  • Milford Sound, New Zealand

    New Zealand - Top Fives

    07 Min Read

    Breathtaking scenery, welcoming people, abundant activities, delicious food and drink – our New Zealand specialists are passionate about the country, with good reason. Here they let you in on their Kiwi favorites.

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  • Abu Simbel, Abu Simbel

    Experts' Guide: North Africa and the Middle East

    05 Min Read

    Few regions pack such a historical punch – as well as offering endless desert, deep canyons, bustling souks and warm hospitality. Here our specialists look how to get the best from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Oman.

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  • South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park

    Old country USA

    I would like to go to old country America to enjoy horse riding treks/helping out on a ranch during the day and then spending the evening in 'saloon' type eateries. I expect to stay for 14 days and maybe somewhere close to the Grand Canyon and/or Las Vegas. Thanks

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