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Husky sledding

Husky sledding

Husky sledding

Icy wind whipping past your face, snowy scenes blurring by, the happy yips of huskies... For an authentic way to experience the stark and snowy landscape outside Tromsø, there is no better option than a ride in a dog sled.

Until very recently, dog sleds were the way that most people in the Arctic got around — including in northern Norway. On this ride you’ll be following in the footsteps of 18th-century explorers, the Indigenous Sámi people, and the hardy few who have chosen to live in this brutal and beautiful region.

After meeting your musher and getting kitted out in the necessary thermal gear, you’ll be greeted by the excited barks and howls of the sled dogs — bright-eyed huskies who are eager to run. Then, board your private sled and get snuggly wrapped up in reindeer hides before zooming across the tundra.

You’ll begin by meeting your musher, who will help you put on the thermal suits and warm boots that are necessary to stay safe in the bitter cold. On your way out to the dog yard, you’ll hear the excited barking of the team, who are eager to get into the harness and run.

Your musher will make sure you’re comfortably settled into your sled before taking off across the tundra. The only sound will be the occasional calls of the musher and the wind slicing past the sled — no throaty roar of a snowmobile to disturb the icy quiet here.

Once you return to base camp, you’ll get a chance to spend time with the happily panting dogs. Then, retreat into the wooden cabin for a bowl of hot soup by the roaring fire.

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