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Tiger, Ranthambhore National Park

5 travel trends for 2024

Tiger, Ranthambhore National Park
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Travel is ever-evolving, and that’s what keeps us — and you — on our toes. Every year, we find new stays, experiences, and guides that give us renewed joy for exploring the world. And the next year will be no different. So, we’re looking ahead to give you an insight into which trends might shape and inspire your trips in 2024.

Together with our country specialists, trusted hotel partners, and expert guides, we’ve outlined the five top trends we expect to see in the coming year, as well as a selection of destinations that are leading the way.

1. Regenerative travel is on the rise

More than simply being eco-friendly, regenerative travel is about helping to strengthen the destination as a whole, supporting not only its environment, but the economy and its people, too. The good news is, we’re finding more and more responsible travel options that we can weave into your trips, helping to enhance your experience while leaving behind a positive impact.

Our recommended destinations


Tourism is a vital part of Morocco’s economy, particularly after the impacts of September’s earthquake, and the Moroccan people have been warmly welcoming visitors back ever since. We especially recommend visiting an Amazigh village in the High Atlas Mountains where you’ll learn how to make an aromatic tagine with a local family while learning about their way of life — not only a rewarding experience for you, but also a way to help support this rural community.

The Maldives

The idyllic waters surrounding the Maldives shelter coral reefs swarming with rainbow-hued fish and other tropical sea life. Sitting on a private island in the turquoise shallows of the North Malé Atoll, Huvafen Fushi is an intimate resort where snorkeling and diving during your stay is a given, but conservation might also be on your agenda. Together with marine environmental scientists, you can contribute to a project dedicated to growing and preserving the house reef, adopting your own coral to help it flourish for years to come.

  • Get me there: You could enjoy some rest and relaxation in the North Malé Atoll after exploring the highlights of India’s Golden Triangle using our trip idea as inspiration.
A souq in Marrakesh, Morocco
Deluxe Sunset Ocean Pool Villa, Huvafen Fushi, Maldive Island
The Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

2. People are switching up their travel wish lists

From the Inca Trail to cherry blossoms in Japan, there’s a collection of classic travel experiences that everyone’s heard of. And while they merit their lofty status, these destinations attract a huge number of people every year. As a result, discerning travelers are looking at alternative experiences with fewer crowds, moving less-visited — but equally deserving — destinations up their travel wish lists.

Our recommended destinations


For thousands of years, pilgrims have walked through sacred mountains to holy places nestled high in the peaks. Today, the Inca Trail is perhaps the best-known example, but may we suggest Japan’s Kumano Kodo as a less-visited alternative? A gateway to the Buddhist celestial paradises, the mountainous Kumano district is home to a series of pilgrimage trails that wind through the area’s three Grand Shrines, which you can explore on a hike that takes you deep in Japan’s spiritual practices.

  • Get me there: You can add three or four days to our suggested Cities of Japan itinerary if you’d like to hike Kumano Kodo.


The word ‘safari’ conjures images of the Serengeti for a good reason — it’s truly a spectacular sight. However, there are other, equally excellent destinations where you can see wildlife in action. India’s many national parks, for example. You might look for sleek tigers stalking through the dappled forests of Ranthambhore, Asiatic lions sunning themselves in Gujarat, or (if you’re very lucky) elusive leopards lounging in the trees of Satpura.

Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route
Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, Japan
Tiger, Ranthambhore National Park
Tiger in Ranthambhore National Park, India

3. Indigenous cultural experiences are increasingly popular

At the heart of our travel experiences are the communities who’ve profoundly shaped the culture and landscapes of the places we visit. And when we peel back the layers of history, untangle its complexities and biases, and hear from those who’ve lived on the land long before colonizers set foot on it, travel becomes even more meaningful.

Our recommended destinations


Dotted across volcanic savannah plains in northern Tanzania, NGO-owned Original Maasai Lodge offers round mud-and-thatch dwellings that are based on traditional Maasai homes, blending effortlessly into the landscape.

Staying here supports the local Maasai community while also giving you a chance to immerse yourself in their culture, from joining Maasai warriors in spear-throwing competitions to learning about medicinal plants on nature walks with a Maasai guide. Then, at sunset, sip drinks to the soulful soundtrack of Maasai women singing songs passed down through generations.

  • Get me there: Include a stay at Original Maasai Lodge as part of a wider northern Tanzania safari, finishing in the Serengeti.


Home to a diverse array of Indigenous peoples, languages, and beliefs for tens of thousands of years, Australia offers a wealth of experiences to help you delve deeper into its intricate cultural fabric. For example, you could learn about the spiritual significance of the lands surrounding the waterfall-dotted Litchfield National Park, accompanied by an Aboriginal guide. Or, take part in a traditional dot-painting workshop with an Aṉangu artist near Australia’s red-rock monolith, Uluru.

  • Get me there: Our Aboriginal Australia trip idea gives you a glimpse into how you could explore Indigenous Australian culture as you travel from Darwin to Adelaide.
Maasai woman
Maasai woman, Tanzania
Uluru, Central Australia
Uluru, Australia

4. Luxury travel holds strong

Indulgent stays, experiences crafted just for you, and service that meets your needs before you’ve even thought of what they are. Luxury travel means something different to everyone, but one thing’s for certain — your choices are better than ever in 2024.

Our recommended destinations

The Galapagos Islands

Droll blue-footed boobies, lumbering giant tortoises, and regal-looking iguanas basking upon craggy rocks — the Galapagos Islands protect some of the most curious creatures on the planet. You can travel to them in complete luxury on intimate yachts like Endemic. With space for just 16 passengers, elegant suites boasting panoramic views, and an onboard naturalist guide, Endemic allows you to experience the rugged landscapes of the Galapagos in enviable bliss.

  • Get me there: Combine a cruise around the Galapagos Islands with the cloudforests and beaches of Costa Rica on our suggested trip, swapping in Endemic as your luxury vessel.


Nothing says luxury more than staying on a remote private island embraced by coral-smattered turquoise waters. Indonesia’s Bawah Island offers just such a stay, with an added touch of carefully designed sustainability. Here, you can feast on food freshly plucked from the resort’s organic gardens, paddleboard on calm lagoon waters, and enjoy a soothing spa treatment that uses aloe vera sourced from the island’s forests.

Blue-footed Boobies, Galapagos
Blue-footed boobies, Galapagos Islands
Kayaking with Bawah private island
Kayaking from Bawah Island, Indonesia

5. People are getting around more sustainably

Visiting far-flung destinations usually requires a flight or two, but once you’re on the ground, it’s becoming simpler to make eco-friendly choices. From speedy train rides that eclipse airport stress to hiking and biking routes that immerse you in your surroundings, sustainable options are giving domestic air travel a run for its money.

Our recommended destinations


Thanks to new tracks in the north, you can now zip through Laos’ karst-lined countryside by train rather than taking long, bumpy car journeys. With plenty of stops along the way, you might peruse local markets laden with fresh mangosteen in Vientiane, cycle around 16th-century monasteries in Vang Vieng, take a cooking class in Luang Prabang, and head into the hills of Muang La to learn about the cultures of the Hmong and Akha people.

  • Get me there: Soak in Laos’ classic sights in Vientiane, Champasak, and Luang Prabang during our suggested trip around the landlocked country, hopping on the train while in the north.


Graced with an efficient network of trains, Italy is easy to explore without a car. This reduces your carbon footprint, of course, but we also think it’s one of the best ways to experience the country. Not only does it eliminate any complexities of driving abroad, but you also get to rub elbows with the locals. In Venice, you can also opt for ferries and water taxis, traveling the way that Venetians do.

  • Get me there: Zip easily between Venice, Florence, and Rome on this suggested trip through Italy’s art cities.
Vang Vieng Nam Song River, Laos
Vang Vieng, Vietnam
Canals, Venice
Venice, Italy

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