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Haley in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Haley, Australia & New Zealand Specialist

Family vacations offered me a feel for different cultures and ignited a passion for travel at a young age.

The first time I visited Australia was on a college exchange when I attended the University of Wollongong where I continued my studies in communications. Right away I fell in love with the laid-back atmosphere and the experiences that went along with it.

After completing my six-month semester I ventured further up the east coast of Australia before heading over to New Zealand to self-drive through the many mountain ranges and rolling green hills. The sense of adventure through New Zealand is one of a kind, making the country one of my favorite destinations I’ve explored thus far.

I was amazed by how diverse Australia and New Zealand’s landscapes were and how each state and territory has its own character. One day you can be snorkeling on the reef and the next hiking a glacier. I’m excited to continue sharing my love of both Australia and New Zealand with people who are looking to experience a new adventure.

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I'll never forget when…

I took a full day tour of the Uluru area which started at sunrise and ended at sunset. Uluru seemed to change by the minute as the light strengthened and later dwindled, at times even giving the impression it was glowing. We hiked through Kata Tjuta National Park in the early morning and learned about local history and just why the area is such a spiritual place for the Aboriginal people. The total silence in the middle of the desert in the earlymorning really helped me understand why it is such a sacred place and offered a good opportunity for me to reflect on my own trip.

Photos of Haley

Haley at the Great Barrier Reef Haley at the Great Barrier Reef
Haley on Mou Waho Island in Queenstown, New Zealand Haley on Mou Waho Island in Queenstown, New Zealand
Haley in Glenorchy, New Zealand Haley in Glenorchy, New Zealand
Haley at Philip Island Haley at Philip Island
Haley in Sydney Harbour Haley in Sydney Harbour
Haley at Uluru Haley at Uluru

Photos taken by Haley

Te Puia Te Puia