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Audley specialist Steven


Australia & New Zealand Specialist

I first traveled to Australia and New Zealand during a gap year as an 18-year-old. My experiences out there had such a profound effect upon me that I have since revisited each country four times. While the subtle cultural differences to the UK fascinated me, the hugely contrasting nature and scenery of each country drew me back again and again.

It was my second visit to each country that inspired me to want to work in travel, which I have now done for well over a decade, and specialising in the region always felt like a rite of passage due to my immense passion for the region.

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Audley specialist Steven

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Q&A with Steven

Lake Tekapo

What's your most vivid travel moment?

My most vivid travel moment has to be the first time that I came across Lake Pukaki in the Mount Cook region of New Zealand’s South Island. I can remember coming over the ridge from Lake Tekapo and seeing the sun glistening off the surface of the emerald-coloured glacial lake as it came into view. As I drove down on to the lakeside, I could then see Mount Cook across the other side of the lake. The view was so overwhelming that I pulled over and sat by the lake for three hours to appreciate New Zealand’s spectacular beauty at it’s very finest.

River on the Hollyford Track, New Zealand

Which book, film or artwork captures New Zealand the most?

This is an easy one. Even if you don’t enjoy Lord Of The Rings, there can be no doubting that it perfectly captures New Zealand’s most awe-inspiring scenery. If you are a fan, visiting some of the trilogy’s iconic sites while travelling both the North and the South Island is a must.

Uluru, Central Australia

Your best piece of travel advice?

Maps.Me! Having an App that allows you to download maps that you can use offline is invaluable, wherever you are in the world. Whether it’s to help navigate the roads, locate landmarks in towns or follow an off-the-beaten track trail, Maps.Me will have your back.