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Masked dancer at the Paro Tsechu

Ura Tsechu Excursion

The Ura Tsechu is a five day festival which attracts local villagers. Held in the courtyard of the Ura Lhakhang, the festival involves the same masked dancers and songs as the Thimphu and Paro festivals as well as the Yak Dance.

These religious festivals are in honor of Guru Rinpoche commemorating one of his great deeds. They are celebrated for several days and are the occasion for dances that are clearly defined in religious content.

The festivals are a great opportunity to become immersed in the meaning of Bhutanese religion and it is a time to see people in their finest clothes enjoying themselves with their family and friends, as well as gaining merit by attending the festival. This festival attracts less tourists than those in Thimphu and Paro.

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