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Red Square, Moscow

From the blog in July 2012

  • The Summit, Mount Kilimanjaro


    01 Min Read

    My wife wishes to climb Kilimanjaro, I do not! So whilst she climbs the mountain what could I do instead if we travelled together?

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  • Thai beach

    Thailand beach vacation at Christmas

    02 Min Read

    We are looking for a beach vacation over Xmas and New Year for a 14 year old who is a keen scuba diver and a 2 year old. Looking for childcare/babysitting for the toddler so we can relax and read and a spa along with a high quality of food. Both children have birthdays during the vacation so we are looking for a beachfront villa. We usually do Maldives this time of year and are keen to try somewhere new so any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  • Marine life, Bali

    Bali honeymoon

    01 Min Read

    We are looking for honeymoon ideas in June/July. We love our adventure vacations like shark diving in South Africa but want to try somewhere different. We would still like to have a relaxing time during or at the end of our honeymoon. We really would love some help deciding.

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