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I am in the early stages of planning a 30th wedding anniversary trip for my wife and I. We are looking at Asia for 2014 and would like to fit in Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Sydney in Australia and New Zealand. Our anniversary is in August but we expect we will need to travel before or after to get the best weather. I would like to use BA Miles I have collected so would be interested in trips you have and what length of period we would need to fit this all in? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Elephant Riding in Luang Prabang


Vietnam and Laos can be combined as stopover destinations when traveling to Australia and New Zealand. You would need to allow 2-3 weeks for a good overview of the area in order to include the main highlights without rushing. The best time to travel is from October to March, which will also work well with being in Australia and New Zealand during their summertime. A well-paced trip along the eastern seaboard of Australia and through both islands of New Zealand, will require a minimum of six weeks. On the return journey to the UK, a stopover in Singapore for a few nights can easily be included. In total, you should allow for being away for no less than eight weeks.

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