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El Castillo, Chichén Itzá ruins

From the blog in July 2014

  • El Castillo, Chichén Itzá ruins


    03 Min Read

    We have flights booked for the 8th January for 3 weeks, to Cancun, but we don't want to stay there. We want to see some of the Mayan sights, Chichén Itzá obviously but also some less well known and quieter ones in jungle and away from crowds. We would like to start the trip with a few days at a quiet beach (2/3 at the start & 4/5 at the end) and I'd really like to travel in a circuit, visiting Tulum, then if possible crossing into Belize & on to Guatemala and the Tikal site for a few days, before heading back into Mexico either via Palenque, or if that is too far, another route less traveled and head toward Mérida and Chichén Itzá and finish at Holbox. Question is, is it possible as a self-drive or can we get a car/driver? I don't want to be in a tour group and want smoke flexibility? Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have traveled a lot in India and Southeast Asia so I know you can pick up cars & drivers easily but not sure if it is possible in Mexico and indeed if we did a more formal tour in this trip with a view to going back again!

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  • Fishing nets, Cochin

    Travelers' Tales: Kerala's Backwaters

    03 Min Read

    After a recent trip to Kerala, Audley travelers Mary and Robin recount the beautiful Backwaters, traditional towns and the friendly people they encountered on their travels in India.

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  • Cape Town

    12,000 miles from England to Cape Town by bike

    04 Min Read

    In 2009 Audley China specialist Ian Mowbray-Williams cycled 12,000 miles from London to Cape Town with a friend. A detailed account of the journey followed with the publication of his book EyeOnAfrica. Now Ian recounts some of the highs and lows of this fascinating trip in a series of questions and answers.

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  • Iguazu Falls, Brazil

    Vacation to celebrate birthday anniversaries

    03 Min Read

    Hola, I will be 60 years old at the end of November and my husband will celebrate his 59, close enough to 60. We would like to go somewhere special for these 2 occasions. I'm a retired teacher and my husband can take time off for as long as he wants during that period of time mid-November to mid-December with flexible dates either way. We have traveled in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize (scuba diving) and Guatemala to learn Spanish and some European countries. We are in fairly good shape, and we like to be active (a beach only vacation is not for us but a few days on the beach is great) and doing things as opposed to only sightseeing. We have a comfortable budget but prefer small pension or private villas as opposed to luxury hotels or resort. I hope this gives you a good snapshot of who we are and that you can help us celebrate this milestone with an interesting trip. I understand that this time of the year is a bit of a challenge that's why we need help to find a place in the world where we can have an amazing time and come back with great memories. I thank you ahead of time for your time and consideration.

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  • Breezes Beach Club, Zanzibar Island

    Beach vacation in Africa

    03 Min Read

    We are a couple looking to go on a safari. We like the luxury tent idea and perhaps a lovely beach at the end of a four or five day safari, making a total of 10 or 11 nights. We don't want a full itinerary just a few days doing a safari then relaxing on the beach with white sands.

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  • Moai, Easter Island

    Chile's Hidden Gems

    07 Min Read

    From snow-capped mountains and glaciers to the extraordinarily clear night skies blanketing the deserts, our experts discover the alternative ways to explore Chile’s astonishing extremes.

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  • Backwaters of Kerala, India

    Kerala for the first time

    03 Min Read

    Kerala’s trademarks are its food, culture and swathes of waterways, says India specialist Joe. He’s deep in planning a sixth trip to Kerala, which will be the first for his girlfriend. He takes us through his itinerary, designed to satisfy both a newcomer to Kerala while finding fresh experiences for a seasoned traveler to the region.

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  • Feathers Canyon Trail, Dana Nature Reserve

    Wadis, Wildlife and Waterfalls: On Foot in Jordan

    05 Min Read

    Jordan has several nature reserves managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Two of our North Africa and Arabia specialists, Clair and Nadia, visited three of these areas to explore the walking opportunities away from Petra and the Dead Sea.

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  • Hoi An, Vietnam

    Vietnam in Pictures

    Majestic scenery, a history dating back thousands of years, the charm and natural friendliness of its people and wonderful cuisine. It is easy to see why Vietnam keeps attracting international visitors.

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