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Cheryl enjoying the view from the Great Wall, China

Cheryl, China & Egypt Specialist

Cheryl developed a taste for traveling to distant continents following the completion of her biochemistry degree. She has visited numerous countries in Asia and China has become her firm favorite. Her first visit to China was to stay with a friend in Beijing and after exploring the country with a backpack and a limited budget vowed to return to explore the country further. She has since returned and spent time traveling in Yunnan as well as visiting more of China's large cities.

Cheryl enjoys hiking, and China has provided her with some of her favorite treks. Hiking along Tiger Leaping Gorge has been one of her traveling highlights. She also has a passion for cooking and often participates in cooking lessons in the areas she visits.

Before Cheryl came to work at Audley she was employed as a Move Coordinator, helping people move overseas to far flung destinations. As a result she has lots of experience helping people who are about to depart on a new adventure!

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Kawakarpo Bridge, Zhongdian.

I recommend visiting - Zhongdian

My favorite destination in China has to be Zhongdian. Based at over 9,842 feet (3,000m) in the province of Yunnan it is a quiet haven with beautiful countryside and a Tibetan way of life. The people here are laid back and the roaming yak and rolling green countryside that contrasts against the surrounding mountains makes for a relaxing distraction from the hustle and bustle. Hiking from one village to another lets you take in various landscapes, including wild flowers, forests and grasslands, and if you're lucky you may even get to see the rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom.

Approach to The Peninsula, Shanghai

I recommend staying at - The Peninsula


The Peninsula Hotel exudes class and its position on the Bund makes it the best located hotel in Shanghai. The views over the river are exceptional and the Pudong skyline provides an array of lit-up buildings at night. Service is exemplary and the latest mod cons enhance the pleasurable experience of staying in this hotel. Ladies will be lucky enough to find nail polish dryers in their dressing rooms and being able to adjust the humidity in your room is just another small perk. A stay at the Peninsula will more than satisfy all of the senses.

I'll never forget when…

Although it is hard to choose, my favorite experience in China would be trekking along Tiger Leaping Gorge. The scenery is lush and green and the Yangtze River literally roars from hundreds of feet below. Although the hike was hard at points, turning a corner and seeing a waterfall or a new stunning horizon made all the hard work worth it. The trail was very secluded so it felt really special and the river and animals just made for a perfect soundtrack. Before leaving the area I headed down to the water's edge to really feel the force of the mighty Yangtze.

Photos of Cheryl

  • Cheryl at Karnak Temple, Egypt Cheryl at Karnak Temple, Egypt
  • Cheryl at Philae Temple, Egypt Cheryl at Philae Temple, Egypt
  • Cheryl by the Sphinx, Egypt Cheryl by the Sphinx, Egypt
  • Cheryl taking a cooking lesson in China Cheryl taking a cooking lesson in China
  • Cheryl nearing the top of Tiger Leaping Gorge, China Cheryl nearing the top of Tiger Leaping Gorge, China
  • Cheryl mastering chopsticks in Shangri La, China Cheryl mastering chopsticks in Shangri La, China

Photos taken by Cheryl

  • Visit to Napa Lake,Zhongdian Visit to Napa Lake,Zhongdian
  • Coptic Cairo Coptic Cairo