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Sleep under the stars in a Skybed

From the blog in 2010

  • Wahiba Sands

    10 Amazing Places to Stargaze

    A night spent under canvas or open to the night sky with the stars for company is the stuff of dreams. Here we choose our top 10 experiences from across our destinations.

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  • Iguaçu Falls, Brazil

    Our Top 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls

    04 Min Read

    Waterfalls always hold a special fascination as you watch millions of gallons of water crash over some rocky precipice. We've scoured the globe to find 10 of the most spectacular which you could see as part of an individual tailor-made itinerary.

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  • Approach to the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Walk with Bothfeet

    8 Best Coastal Walks

    Some of the most exhilarating walks take place along stretches of the world's coastline. This list includes some of our favourite coastal walks that are just waiting to be explored.

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  • Tradition South Indian food cooked by Nimmy paul

    Indian Indulgence: food of South India

    02 Min Read

    Lucinda, one of our India specialists, recently travelled to Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the South of India. Read about some of the culinary highlights that she enjoyed on her journey through this beautiful and fascinating region.

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  • Port Douglas

    Follow in the footsteps of Sir David Attenborough

    03 Min Read

    Britain's favourite wildlife enthusiast and TV presenter is returning to our screens for another ground-breaking series. We've created an itinerary that will allow you to follow in his footsteps during his exploration of Australia's Sunshine State, Queensland.

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  • Fall colours at Lake Placid

    Spectacular Autumn Landscapes

    As the approaching winter begins to make its mark on the British landscape, we've taken a look at some other destinations around the globe that boast spectacular autumn scenery.

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  • Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

    Book your Easter break for 2011

    04 Min Read

    A late Easter weekend in 2011, followed by the May Bank Holiday means that you can take just four days out of the office to enjoy an 11-day-long break. Take a look at our Easter trip ideas for a little inspiration.

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